Does alcohol cause vertigo/vestibular problems?

If you’ve been following my posts, you probably already know that I’ve had two distinct instances of severe vertigo in my life. I know there are other people who have had more than that, and I definitely feel for those who have had vertigo more often than that.

I do have to put up with lesser vertigo on a daily basis however, which usually leads me to avoid substances that change the way you feel (alcohol or caffeine for example).

However, before the onset of both episodes of my acute vertigo, I was consuming a far higher than average amount of alcohol in the week preceding the attacks. So the obvious question is, is there a relationship between the alcohol and the vertigo?

The first time this happened, the vertigo hit on a Friday evening, around 8:00. I had met a friend for a drink, and after having one sip of a pint of beer, the vertigo started. I hadn’t drank anything else during the day, and all I had to drink was that sip of beer).

I had had quite a few drinks the night before however, but not enough to be feeling at all under the weather on the Friday. The vertigo started with an odd, dizzying sensation, and progressed into full-blown room-spinning vertigo within about 20 minutes.

The second time this happened, I had had some beers with friends in the evening, and went home to bed. When I awoke in the morning, I walked to the bathroom but felt odd again on the way there. On walking out of the bathroom, I had a tingling sensation all over my body (probably just anxiety) and the vertigo started on strong.

I’ve had the same or more to drink on other occasions with no vertiginous consequences. Has anyone else had a similar experience with consuming alcohol and vertigo? The similarity of these two experiences makes me doubt that’s just a coincidence.

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  1. Anthony

    I had a similar experience to you. My bouts of dizziness seem to have started when I had a massive drinking session a few years ago. I felt hungover for a few days and then panicky, dizzy with lots of pressure in my head, at one stage it felt like the top of my head was going to explode with the pressure. Anyway ever since then if I have a bit of a binge then I can expect the same dizziness/vertigo for a week or so. Lately tho seems to be getting worse with even regular amounts (3/4 glasses of wine) of alcohol sending me into this horrible state.

  2. vincent

    This is incredible.I too believe alchohol is giving me veritgo. The first bout I was layed out of work for a week with medication and had also consumed beer and a few shots of brandy two days prior.The suspicion lingered with me while I had less hard alchohol but still same amounts of beer.July 4th weekend i consumed alchohol and Bamm Monday morning i was awaken by the room spinning and the effects of vertigo.I plan to go alchohol free for awile the make sure there are no lasting effects.

  3. Jenna

    Amazing — I have had a similar experience and am currently suffering the effects. I used to drink heavily in college, but at 25 I’ve slowed down. I rarely drink more than 2 in one night and never on a daily basis. But recently I had been having drinks most nights of the week and finally had four 7% home brews on an empty stomach. That evening and the next day I was vomiting and dizzy. I am not a puker, so it was alarming. The last 4 days since the incident I have been dizzy as can be, suffering headaches, head pressure, and light sensitivity. It’s all I can do to sit at my desk at work without falling out of my chair. I have no history of symptoms to this degree in all my drinking days, and certainly not for this length of time. I will never put myself through this again.

  4. Derrick

    I had consumed 4 -6 shots of whisky last night and when I woke up this morning i thought i was loosing my head. Had this sharp spin as if my head was seperating from my body. Took a shower and almost fell due to dizziness. I tried to lie in bed but everytime i would turn in either direction there would come dizziness again. At last my drinking days is OVER!!!!

  5. Bristol

    I have had vertigo for several years now but never realized that alcohol might be playing a part in the onset of smy ymptoms—until today. I had three cocktails while on a date with my husband last night and woke up with pretty severe vertigo this morning. I wonder…is it the alcohol itself that triggers vertigo or is it the dehydration from the alcohol that sets it off? No matter the cause, after reading the other posts, I will be staying away from alcohol from now on!

  6. Jim

    Alcohol does effect the vestibular system (the balance organ in the ears – where most vertigo originates), it changes the viscosity of fluid within the inner ear, however the fluid outside the labyrinth is supplied straight from blood supply, and in inside it kind of filters through over a period time (hours). SO when you drink the fluid viscosity changes outside the labyrinth but not inside, which is why most people experience balance problems when drinking waaay before other coordination issues, and why people feel off balance the next day (as the fluid normalises outside the labyrinth, but is still altered inside the labyrinth)….. However, it wouldn’t be the cause of underlying vertigo, in that once the alcohol is gone from the system, you should be ok.

    It’s totally possible to sustain a vestibular insult (ie viral) and recover over a period of time (the brain “adapts” – through a process called central compensation – sometimes this can happen within a few days, so some people wouldn’t even notice – sometimes it takes months/years), but then once you throw alcohol into the mix then the brain can’t cope and you get symptoms again (or worsening of existing symptoms).

    It’s also worth baring in mind some conditions, which can cause vestibular injury and can be provoked by alcohol, namely endolympthatic hydrops (aka menieres disease) – where the body fails to regulate fluid in the inner ear (and alcohol could bring on an attack), and migraine variants (again, alchohol can induce migraine attacks – which in turn can cause vestibular damage!). Then of course there are viral causes, and it’s not a bad assumption to think that as these viruses can occur at anytime, and as most poeple like the odd drink then drinking as the virus is building up, could bring the effects of quicker (like getting a cold, then drinking makes you feel bad x10).

  7. gail schroder

    ihave vertigo problem. i thought drinking would help my balance it seemed to help. the next day i felt pankic and disorented.i quit drinking for four days. my feeling of balance seemed worse. smoking made me feel worse
    than having a drink. i guess it must all be a withdrawl.i cerntally dont like
    how this feels. medication (xanax) relaxes me ,but doesnt take away the
    balance that i so miss..thank-you all for your is helping me
    understand what is happening….funny people that you around dont really
    understand….i have seen doctors and only have a mild case,but they
    say weebles wabble but they dont fall down. gail schroder,write me.

  8. ANNE


  9. monie ahmad

    I have had vertigo since 1987 when the first and worst attack took place. However I could never find out the cause of the dizziness, sometimes very mild sometimes the roomspinning sagas. Lately I am almost convinced drinking triggers it off. Even one drink, not that I drink every day. I would rather give my very favourite Vodka with tonic just to protect myself from verigo

  10. Lynda Trautwein

    I have been experiencing vertigo on and off for about a month. I used to be a heavy drinker, 2-3 mixed drinks in the evening. One evening I had two and a half martinis and the next morning I had vertigo so bad that I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. Now, I can’t seem to even consume one beer or a glass of wine without experiencing vertigo the next day. I have made a New Year’s resolution to abstain from alcohol to see if there is any connection between vertigo and alcohol consumption.

  11. I have been experiencing vertigo for almost 2 years. Drank at least a 6 pack ever night for ten years. I quit for about 9 months ago and I’m still off balance, somewhat still dizzy. Will it ever get better? Is there a clinic that can help me? So far this website gave me a lot of answers. Thanks for the information!

  12. Denise

    I just had my first diagnosis of Vertigo. Started on Monday this week with just feeling dizzy if I turn my head too fast. and then BAM Tuesday (yesterday) morning the room was spinning when I tried to get out of bed. I knew it was serious and Luckily the PA at the emergency room knew about vertigo and did the balancing exercises with me and it helped.
    They were concerned about dehydration so they pumped two bags or normal saline in me (It is rare that I would be dehydrated as I always carry a water bottle with me). Today I almost felt back to normal, but with a mild headache creeping in very quietly. I did take an allergy pill last night that lasts 12 hours just in case there is fluid in my ears or something allergic like. I just moved to North carolina from way up north in Michigan and my ears seem to be sensitive to something here I discovered about 4 months ago. But that event was pain and pressure near the ear NOT this vertigo stuff. I wonder if there is a relationship to the allergies here in North Carolina. I hope to follow this blog and learn about this Vertigo. Thanks!

  13. PCDrinker

    I’m having a vertigo attack right now with pretty strong nausea, strongest I’ve had ever (2nd time only though). However it came on strong and suddenly – within few seconds. I consumed only roughly 4cl of vodka hours ago.

  14. sue

    I’ve suffered with this nasty illness now for just over 2 years and am wondering if I’ll ever be nomal again. I have a very stressful job and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine in the evening to unwind but by the morning I find that I am struggling to keep my balance, especially when I’m driving to work. The vertigo has caused anxiety and panic attacks and this is now starting to take over my life. I can’t do alot of things alone, like a normal person can cos all my confidence has been taken from me. It’s quite reassuring tho, in a strange way, to know I’m not alone.

  15. Lynda

    I haven’t experienced vertigo since January 16, 2010. I stopped drinking on January 1, 2010 and I am beginning to feel like my old self. Before I stopped drinking, my B/P was 160/94 and my head felt like it was pounding all of the time. The drinking was exacerbating my blood pressure problem so I decided to quit. My doctor prescribed Zoloft for anxiety which has helped tremendously. The Zoloft helps me sleep at night and helps with panic attacks. The only side effects I have noticed is drowsiness and shakiness. I have a feeling that my blood pressure was the culprit that was causing the vertigo. I also found out that heavy drinking causes high cholesterol. So, in light of all of this, I think I’ll limit my drinking to special occasions.

  16. debbie

    Wow, it is amazing how many people out there have the same problem that I do. I have sufferd from vertigo bouts off and on for about 20 years. Sometimes I will have an attack that will last for only about an hour but I have a feeling like I am going to fall over. Not really spinning per say but I feel really heavy with a strong loss of balance and sometimes it brings on a panic attack as well. I have noticed lately that if I have a drink I start to get this feeling. Just tonight I had a small coconut rum and fruit juice and within minutes I was totally off balance and feeling dizzy. Does anyone else out there get that heavy feeling like they are going to fall over without the spinning?
    I don”t drink much anymore but it is really not worth going through this awful feeling so I guess I will just have to say goodbye to the cocktails until I find out the facts.

  17. Alison

    Interesting that my first experience with vertigo and dizziness occurred about an hour after I had two rather large glasses of white wine in about an hour and a half. That was nearly 3 weeks ago and I am still suffering from the off balance and dizzy feelings which come and go. Even had the pleasure of riding in an ambulance to the ER when I had an “attack” in the bank last Friday. I sure hope and pray this ends soon, it is so stressful and exhausting to have this and try to work and drive a teenager to her activities ( at least she has her learning permit so she is doing most of the driving ). And yes to the previous writer, Debbie, I do feel like I’m going to fall sometimes without the actual spinning. Like everyone else who has been writing in I will be giving up the alcohol as it doesn’t seem worth it. The reason I had the wine that night was because I was having a root canal the next day and was in pain. Coincidently, the tooth was the left upper and farthest back, which my endodonist said could be caousing the balance issue due to inflammation and pressing of the jaw on the ear canal. Has anyone else heard of this?

  18. Brett

    This past spring was my final semester in college. I drink regularly as do most college students but rarely do I go overboard. However, on one occasion I neglected to eat dinner and proceeded to get black-out drunk with a buddy. Not surprisingly, I woke up the next morning with bruises, battle wounds, and a hazy recollection of the night before. Worst hangover of my life. Vomiting, dizziness, and severe dehydration. Naturally I assumed it was just a hangover, but every time I tried to get up and walk or changed position abruptly, the room would spin violently and I felt like I was going to pass out. My conditions were starting to scare me after it had been 24 hrs since my last drink, so I had a friend drive me to the ER. They took a CT scan, an EKG, and determined it was just severe alcohol withdrawal and dehydration. However, my vertigo-like symptoms continued to get worse so I went to my family doctor who told me I most likely had bi-positional vertigo. She proscribed Meclizine/Antivert which is essentially a higher dose type of dramamine. I was told the symptoms could come and go for a period of months. For the next two months, I experienced horrible bouts of vertigo at the worst timing. I once even fell down a flight of stairs in my house when an attack suddenly hit. Luckily I was still a student and could spend most of the day in bed (those were the days).

    After about 3 months the vertigo disappeared. Then about 6 months after my initial vertigo diagnosis the symptoms came back, again after a night of heavy drinking. I woke up again with a hangover, kind of surprised because I didn’t consume THAT much compared to my typical tolerance. At first it felt just like a hangover but after several hours the typical hangover symptoms were gone and the vertigo was back. I went back to my doctor for more meds and it was gone within a week.

    This past weekend I went to a birthday party and was of course drinking, but nothing over the top. WHAM! Vertigo is back but symptoms are mild, more of an annoyance and discomfort rather than a danger.

    If anyone knows any hard medical evidence that this may be caused by alcohol or perhaps that its not Vertigo but something else, please let me know.

    OH – another point of interest: After my second bout with vertigo I had some sort of ear problem in my right ear. The wall of my ear canal was swollen near-shut at times due to what felt like fluid building up underneath the skin. It hurt like hell and drove me nuts so I tried relentless to pop it to relieve the pressure. I was able to puncture it at one point at which time a clear liquid came out, but it continued to swell and cause me pain. My doctor looked at it and said my inner ear was fine and had no real answer for me. He gave me typical ear drops and I had to deal with it for a few weeks until it finally went away. Could this be related?

  19. Sue

    I get the dizzy feeling, like I will fall over, but not so much the spinning anymore from vertigo. It certainly gets worse with stress, tho.

  20. anon nymous

    My first experience resulted from excessive champagne. It took a couple of days before I could walk safely. This recent bout (four years later) is my second experience and it came after consuming several beers and several drinks over the course of two days. I’m convinced that alcohol was a factor. Everything I read suggests an inner ear fluid imbalance brough about with the help of liquor. I’m not sure this “blog” is at all helpful, but my point is watch the booze – after all, it is a poison. Straight from Ozzy’s mouth: “Suicide is slow with liquor.”

  21. Paulina

    Yes, Debbie, I get the feeling I am going to fall without the spinning. It just happened to me this morning while I was walking my dog. I have also had true vertigo with nausea, vomiting, etc. But lately after having a couple of glasses of wine I feel off balance and dizzy, like I’m going to fall. Sometimes it happens right after I drink, sometimes it’s the next day. It’s really scary. I am going to stop drinking and see if that makes a difference.

  22. George Turner

    A year or so ago I had BPPV, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which is caused by having a little rock in the inner ear that triggers that cilia that sense fluid motions. I cleared that up by doing Epley maneuvers where you rotate your head through a series of motions to move the little rock somewhere less sensitive.

    The BPPV came back a month or so ago, cleared up again, but I’m left with mild vertigo that comes and goes, possibly affected by alcohol and possibly not.

    Anyway, it made me wonder whether unexpected vertigo almost automatically triggers anxiety or panic attacks, since one part of your brain starts screaming “OMG! You’re about to fall!” to another part of your brain.

  23. MIchelle Lawton

    I definitely think that vertigo is set off by alcohol. I had a really bad bout of it last December and was totally out of it for almost two weeks. It took about 3 months for symptoms to completely go away. So thinking that I was better I started drinking again. This week I was on vacation and drinking more than normal . I had about 3 vodka drinks on Friday night and 4 glasses of wine the next night and BAM the next morning the room was spinning when I turned my head to the left and my head felt like I was underwater all day. I saw and ear, nose , and throat doctor and he told me all you can do is the exercises. They seem to help, but it sucks to do them because you basically make yourself dizzy until your body adapts. I Definitely think there is an alcohol link. I have to say, after this weekend my drinking days are over..I don’t want to do anything that might cause it.

  24. Debra

    Hi. I am new to this website. I have had two bouts of vertigo within the past few years. Both have landed me in the hospital for 3-4 days. The room spins so bad that all I can do is lie flat. If I raise my head even slightly the room is spinning. I am going tomorrow for an ENG test. The strange thing is since this last episode which was about two weeks ago I have had a lingering feeling when I move my head (not a strong dizziness but almost like I am on a boat and my head feels very fuzzy). I had the cat scan, mri, etc and was told it is just vertigo. I cannot take the antivert – it gives me horrible headaches. This feeling is so uncomfortable. I have to work and function as a mother and it is really hard to do feeling like this all the time. I hope after I have this test tomorrow that they can teach me how to make this feeling go away by teaching me some exercises. Thanks for listening. Debbie

  25. Kate

    I’ve had several experiences with vertigo following alcohol consumption. After consuming 1/2 glass of wine in the evening, I experience mild vertigo the next day.

  26. Mark

    Yes, I agree vertigo does have a relationship with alcohol but not consistently. I have been a sufferer of vertigo for 10 years and also a social drinker for longer then that period. Alcohol does not always provoke vertigo for me but it has more often in the last two years.I find standing on my head and lying on my bed with my head tilted over the side seem to relieve the condition a bit.Can anyone that has vertigo claim Alcohol does not affect vertigo ?? cheers.

  27. Ann


    The first time I had vertigo was after binge drinking on wine back in 2005, it was a very frightening experience as I had no idea what was happening to me. I had vertigo on and off usually after binge drinking but it got worse in 2008 when I started taking the pill. I then took betahistine for 1.5 years and had tests for menieres. The ENT consultant said that it was not menieres and so I was back to square one. I was still having attacks – usually every month. I thought that it might be linked to the pill so stopped taking the pill and stopped taking betahistine and all of a sudden my attacks of vertigo stopped! I was convinced it was the pill (but this didnt explain my previous vertigo attacks)….. then last sunday I was spinning. I have been spinning on and off for a week now, so I went back to the GP who prescribed cyclizine, oh my god I felt like a zombie! I tripped over my foot (like you do 😉 and didnt feel the pain until a couple of mins later as I was so doped up! So went back to the GP who prescribed something different – still got bad side effects….It was a shock as I was convinced that I had solved the problem but as I have been thinking it must have been my drinking session the friday night that set off my spinning. Today I have been looking at the vertigo websites and it really makes perfect sense. I think that my body just cannot cope with alcohol….. so I need to change my attitude towards alcohol which is a bit crap as I enjoy my wine but – vertigo or no vertigo – I know which I prefer! So its goodbye to the alcohol and I will wait and see if this is the cause of my vertigo.

  28. Jason

    Alcohol definitely can cause vertigo problems but not necessarily all the time. They call it ‘getting tipsy’ for a reason but even when the alcohol is out of your system the tipsy feeling may still linger. Its almost as if your body doesn’t know whats normal. Almost 3 years ago i was drinking at a bon fire and got this weird sensation all over my body and got pretty dizzy. At the time i was drinking heavily for months. I woke up the next day with a hang-over and it was as if my head was in a fish bowl or i was looking through a fish lens. Ever since then i have been living with this ‘head in a fishbowl’ ‘disconnected’ feeling. I have continued to drink heavily since( for 3 years), since alcohol gives me a reason to feel and see the way i do. I continued to get multiple anxiety attacks and vertigo while riding the bus or train. Bright lights, crowded places, and noise would also trigger the vertigo and anxiety. I got checked for cancer, brain tumors, everything.. to find out at the time i was a healthy 22 year old. 2 years later it hasn’t gone away. finally when i was hospitalized the night before mothers day for drinking an excessive amount over a period of 16 hours, i have decided to quit drinking. Its been three weeks only and the vision problem is still there. Anxiety has gone down thanks to medicine and haven’t experienced vertigo. After reading every ones post im hoping that if i hold out from alcohol and cigarettes for long enough i can finally go back to ‘normal’. I recently graduated college with an engineering degree and cant imagine being in an intense, high stress-level environment with my condition everyday. your posts have been a lot of help. i finally dont feel alone anymore. Every one that i have told doesn’t take me seriously nor do they no how much it affects me. Every night before i go to sleep i pray that i will wake up like i used to for the first 21 years of my life. I hope that day comes soon. Thanks you guys.

  29. Kim

    I’ve had BPPV for about 7 years now and have pretty much adapted to what I can and cannot do in order to avoid triggering my vertigo and dizzy spells. I’ve gotten really good at dealing with being dizzy and at some point along the way my brain seems to have learned to compensate for it.
    However, in the past 6 months or so, several times I’ve had extremely intense, almost sharp/sudden, vertigo that lasted for a split second, but so severe I almost felt like I was blacking out. Every time this happened I was just sitting perfectly still with my head in an upright position (so I know it wasn’t my typical BPPV). Every time its happened I end up feeling nausea, increased heart rate (prob from anxiety) and an overall yucky feeling. I also find it hard to think clearly during and for some time after. At least two of these times (when it was the worst) I know for sure I had one or two drinks. Once was two woodchuck hard ciders and just last night I had half of a beer. The experience was so awful and intense and out of the blue I figured there had to be something triggering it. I’m really starting to think alcohol is the culprit.

  30. hi everyone and thank you for posting all yr symptoms and comments . i have been suffering dizzyness for over 16 years with daily changes , sometimes i feel like when i walk im going to black out and then i shake so bad i cant walk , which then brings on a panic anxiety attack and the pulpertations of the heart , but i to am a daily drinker and wondering if this is making it worse . the only reason ive been drinking is because it calms down the panick attacks and IF im really dizzy it takes it away { untill the next morning } this morning i had to crawl on my knees to get to the loo thats how dizzy i am and its not nice so thank you everyone im going to slowly come off the drink and see if this changes my life for the better :-}

  31. Scott

    I’m wishing all of you the best of luck in quitting alcohol and\or overcoming your vertigo, as I am trying to do as well. Regardless if it is the cause of your vertigo or panic attacks, it is a horrible thing to put in your body on a daily basis. I have been having the same symptoms as most of you have stated above for at least the last five years. Sadly, for me, I have been a heavy beer drinker (and I do mean heavy), almost every night for around fifteen years now and I do see it and feel it as a very serious problem I have to do something about. I experience vertigo almost all the time, when I; get outside to cut the lawn, try to sit and eat at a loud or busy restaurant, am in the middle of a ‘Big Box’ store and driving on any road where I cannot pull over to the side quickly and park. In the past, I have stopped drinking for 3 or 4 days and I would start to feel a little better, then I went right back to drinking. I can only hope this time I can make a change for the better and kick alcohol out of my life for good and maybe that along with eating better and exercise I will be able to conquer my vertigo\anxiety issues.
    Best wishes,

  32. Tony

    G’day all, i have had some type of vertigo since I was about 7 years old. I would simply wake up one morning and be so dizzy i couldnt move my head of the pillow. This would last for roughly 24 hours, and then pretty much be completley gone. They would come on without warning. I had these untill i was 18 – 19, at which time I thought I had grown out of it……but its also the time i started to be able to drink. I was not a heavy drinker, but if i drank a lot then i would get a hangover…..being new to hangovers i thought that everyone got really really really dizzy which is why you would throw up with a hangover……but i now seem to think its the vertigo that i get with the hangovers. I am now 33 years old, and i would say i drink a bit, but not excessive. If i drink too much i get a hangover and the vertigo where i cant move for about 16 – 20 hours. Recently i have been feeing dizzy quite a bit, but i also have a slight cold. I have been to Doctors in the past about my dizzyness and they just tell me its an inner year infection and you will get over it. Since i got the dizzy spells when I was a kid, i cant make the link between alcohol and the vertigo…..except for the dehydration part of it. Could there be a link with alcohol/dehydration and vertigo?

  33. Kristina

    WOW — sounds like there are people like me out there! I have been experience chronic vertigo for 3 years. After SEVERAL doctors, I finally saw a neurologist who said I suffer from MIGRAINES, but do not get the headaches associated with it. There is a fancy name which escapes me – but “migraine” does not mean “headache”. He put me now Topamax about 10 months ago. I am virtually vertigo free. I was having several attacks a month before. I do not drink alcohol nor consumme caffeine, which also appears to help. A small price to pay not to have an attack.

  34. Ralph

    This string of emails has been enlightening. I have always wondered about a connection between alcohol and my vertigo episodes, but, am now, having read this commentary, becoming convinced that there is. Mine started about two years ago, and used to come about every three months. Since these episodes would come only every three months, it was easy to not make the connection to alcohol use since it appeared the episodes would come regardless what alcohol I consumed or didn;t consume. However, the frequency of the episodes has increased in the past 6 months. My latest theory is that the combination of alcohol, along with dehydration, is bringing this on. One of my absolutely worst habits is to stop by the local pub after my work out. Most doctors (actually anyone with an ounce of common sense) will tell you that beer is a poor substitute for water when dehydrated. This practice ends today.

    One other person (Jim?) mentioned something about viruses. One other pattern that I have had is that my episodes have usually (perhaps everytime) coincided with colds or allergies. Anyone with any further information on that, plse advise.

    It would be extremely helpful if the medical community had something more definitive on this. I don;t know what everyone elses experience has been on this, but, I’ve kind of gotten the notion they have given up on finding a cure. While some of the literature says avoid caffeine and salt, none of the doctors I’ve had have asked about my alcohol use.

  35. Laurie

    I am currently having a bout of vertigo. Went out drinking heavily Saturday night and when I woke up Sunday morning, although I really didn’t feel hungover, I immediately recognized the symptoms of my objective vertigo. My room began to swing violently, so much so that I had to grasp the sides of the bed. Later yesterday afternoon, I was putting in some tent posts (bending over is a big ‘no-no’) and I fell to the ground as I felt like I was thrown down. Today, I am trying to work, but feel like my head is compressed from the sides. For the last 6 months I have also had horrible headaches. Some to the point of sharp pains in a specific side area. My jaw is not aligned due to TMJ and my neck vertebrae have been diagnosed as herniated. Really fun at the rip old age of 50. When I have gone to the doctor in the past, they give me Meclazine. Doesn’t really touch it. Lately I’ve just been bearing with it, but I hate how suddenly you can lose your balance. It’s a very hard thing to describe to others, who simply think you’re ‘dizzy’.

  36. Dave

    I have been consuming a fair amount of Scotch over a period of four years and I experienced a severe attack of vertigo 10 months ago which required an ambulance ride to the ER. The attack began with an odd, unsafe feeling and then escalated to profuse perspiring and then the onset of vertigo which turned everything on it’s side. I could not move without assistance and I began vomiting immediately. I had a second attack a few days ago which was the same as the last one and upon re-thinking my actions prior to the attacks, I can see that I had been consuming high amounts of alcohol a day or so earlier. The feeling is terrifying and I sincerely hope that it’s the alcohol that is the cause. I am finished with alcohol now cause or no cause. I guess it takes something like this to get your attention about the perils of alcohol.

  37. Tony

    There is definately a link between alcohol and dizziness. I have been experiencing vertigo after heavy drinking. At first it lasted for months, second time weeks. But now I feel dizzy after one drink and it lasts for days. Doctors cannot find anything wrong. This sucks. The answer is to stop drinking.

  38. STEVEN

    Wow…I am SOOO glad I found this thread. Been suffering with vertigo/light sensitivity for the past five weeks…and it’s been terrible. Although I am o.k. on some days, it seems that at least four days out of the week are spent an anxious, sweaty mess. I work at a hardware store with big flourescent lights, and that seems to trigger the dizziness and overwhelming awkwardness that follows when I can’t answer something as simple as, “Where’s the duct tape?” The vertigo and the anxiety seem to work in tandem: the dizzy spell will make me nervous, which gives me anxiety, which makes me more dizzy, which causes more anxiety…etc.

    It all started about six weeks ago. Our band was playing in San Francisco and I had consumed a pretty large amount of beer and an equally disproportionate amount of water on that particular night. I usually bring some sort of bottle to stay hydrated along on our tours and didn’t this time. Bad idea. Well, the following morning it was more than a hangover…I felt like my head was being smashed in a vice…and I couldn’t see or focus on any one object. We had a show that night…and what an embarassing ordeal…instead of being onstage at the right time to play our set…I was WANDERING AROUND THE STREET…a confused, dizzy mess. I even had to sit down in the middle of our set due to the noise and flashing lights.

    Anyway, I thought right away in was the alcohol. I abstained for a few days, but my wife and I like to enjoy a beer every once in a while…and after a beer or glass of wine, I start to feel like garbage again. After a doctor’s appointment yesterday, he prescribed a generic dramamine and told me to stay away from caffiene and alcohol. Both of these things were never real staples in my life until a few years ago…but I feel that through some over-indulgence I’ve probably screwed myself for good. I am committing to no caffeine and alcohol for as long as it takes to feel better…then plan on STICKING WITH IT.

    Will let you know how it goes,


  39. Mark

    I have just returned from a 3 week holiday in the Philippines.Having been a Vertigo sufferer for years and wary of the link with alcohol it may have I was reluctant to drink, however once there mersed in the heat and activities I had my first beer in months. The next day there were NO vertigo effects. I carried on drinking, beer only, and downing up to about 8 bottles on one night. The next day I did have a hangover with a bad headache but absolutely NO vertigo. The thing I am doing differently now is every morning when I wake up I drink at least 600ml of water and make sure I drink plenty of water throughout the day. I have been doing this for the last 2 months so it is now a healthy habit. I wonder if there is a link between vertigo and dehydration. can anyone comment on this???

    It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven a its value. We publish below a description of use of water for our readers. For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses the water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese med ical society as a 100% cure for the following diseases:

    Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, ga str itis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb, cancer and ear nose and throat diseases.


    1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth , drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water …..interesting

    2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes

    3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.

    4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours

    5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to 4 glasses per day.

    6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.

  40. Tim

    I am a 23 year old male who has had vertigo for about 10 years. Throughout my early teens I would usually only experience vertigo spells when I was sick with the flu. Then in college I got vertigo more often, but it would never last more than a few hours. Recently I’ve been getting vertigo from drinking alcohol. I have been drinking alcohol for years and have never experienced vertigo after drinking alcohol until now. Even one beer or so will cause me to have vertigo for several days. Usually, when I had vertigo attacks I felt like the room was spinning, but with alcohol I feel more like I’m off-balance, as well as feeling as if the room is spinning. I think that stress, high anxiety, waking up too quickly and sleeping in an awkward position have caused me to have vertigo in the past. Do other people feel the same way?

  41. Dips Naik

    OMG!!! I have been scared to the maximum in recent times and having seen this I feel better. After 7 weeks of suffering, self inflicted, today was the worst day …

    I was driving back from work and started suffering from the dreaded dizziness quickly followed by a mass panic attack and thought I was having a heart attack. I pulled over, calmed down, proceeded to drive again and voila it happened again. Finally got home, and thought I was going to die!! Now my heart rate has calmed down, but I have had this constant thumping feeling in my head and dizziness now and again for the past 7 weeks after 2.5 week drinking bender in LA and then Cancun.

    I suffered it on the second week for the first time and was so scared but had a doctor in the stag party. He goes its probably caused by excessive drinking, lack of sleep and dehydration… tick in all boxes

    Anyway my head hasn’t been right since then and suffer dizziness and increased heart beat now and again. It is no surprise also that this weekend gone I got quite wasted on the Sunday followed by two nights lack of sleep then followed by this situation today.

    I haven’t been to the doctor yet, but I have booked in first thing tomorrow. Doesn’t help I live in another country

    Anyway, since these 7 weeks, I have suffered vertigo seriously 3 times – these all followed a big night out and lack of sleep (add in dehydration)

    I am quitting drinking from today. Also I suggest drinking plenty of water everyday, at least 3L to stop dehydration/

    Fingers crossed I will return to normal when I can start drinking my beloved whiskly albeit moderatly.

  42. Dear Tim posted 8-9-10,
    The symptoms you are describing are a carbon copy of I went though, I’m in my late 30’s and it just gets worse every year. Your body is telling you something, I just wish I would have listened to mine 15 years ago. Now I’ve taken most peoples advice on this site and just leave alcohol alone. I hope this post helps you and many others. Good luck!

  43. patti

    I had a deep tissue massage for over an hour and the middle of the night brought on vertigo,,, I went to the audiologist and she did the epley maneuver and after a few days I started to feel better. But then had a glass and a half of white wine one evening when I thought I was better and the next day the whole thing started again. Now I feel dizzy like I did the week before. I am assuming that drinking triggered the attack but I don’t know why.

  44. Elle

    Too much wine (4-5 glasses) over 5-hour period…woke next day with vertigo, which I had in the past, and almost fell down. Light-headed, slightly dizzy feeling off and on whole next day. After reading the personal accounts about the association with alcohol, it makes alot of sense, especially taking dehydration into account. Time to be much more aware and controlling alcohol intake.

  45. Elizabeth

    I have ha a couple of bouts with vertigo and can’t seem to shake it. The first time this happened, I had not been drinking at all, not even a sip within a couple of weeks. I remember precisely because my children were much younger and I had to take care of them on a daily basis, off to school,etc. My husband rushed me to the emergency room and found out it was vertigo (which I had never had before), and I was laid up in bed for 2 days with this. Since the first episode, I have had it 2 more times, but I can’t seem to shake it now. I do have cocktails, and I tend to overdue as well, just getting my groove on. This may be possibly the reason why it won’t go away. I have stayed away from alcohol for over a week, and the vertigo does lessen, but never is gone. Any suggestions would help, but don’t suggest giving up the wine.

  46. Jenni

    thanks everyone, very interesting. i have had way too many drinks the last month, nearly every day, its always been bourbon and coke. to try loose some extra kgs ive put on due to drinking i switched to vodka, mineral water and elderflower for some flavor. i only had 4 drinks and have very bad vertigo today. ive never had it before and it has been a bit scary but after reading all your comments it seems that its probably time to cut down on drinking, but funny how it started after only a few drinks and the change of drink.

  47. Mark

    In reply to Elizabeth,
    This is my 3rd post on alcohol and Vertigo, My suggestion: when you wake drink about a pint of water first thing, force it down if you have to. most people are actually dehydrated. Keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day. I used to suffer from vertigo now I do this and I can still have a few Beers later in the day with no vertigo the next day. Let me know how you get on if you try this.see my earlier post. feedback welcome all.

  48. Ralph Loehr

    I also am wondering what the link is between dehydration and alcohol. One of my theories on vertigo has been that alcohol consumption when dehydrated (usually after my daily exercise program) set me up for it. To test this, I stopped alcohol altogether for about a three week period. Although I ended up with another episode anyway, it was less severe. However, dehydration could still have played a part in it as I really do not consume the normal amount of liquids prescribed by the medical community. Right now I am making a special effort to consume more liquids during the day, and limiting my alcohol consumption. I will advise how things are going.

  49. Marina

    I read through some of the entries and can say without a shadow of doubt alcohol does cause vertigo. I’m 27 and haven’t been able to consume alcohol for the last 5 years. I miss vodka.

    I have always had issues with motion sickness. When I was 21 I went to the doctor for ear pain-I thought I had an ear infection. He sent me home after he didn’t see anything wrong. A week later I was in urgent care with a bout of vertigo so bad I wanted to die. I was given a shot which knocked me out and prescribed some meds which made me sleep a lot over the next few days.
    Over the next few months I had difficulty walking and functioning. I would sit in a chair an fall over because I couldnt keep my balance. I would walk crookedly. I couldn’t stand for long periods of time. Many doc visits later and after a potential brain tumor scare I was diagnosed with having 25% vestibular nerve damage. All stemming from the ear infection.
    The nerve damage causes vertigo if I go on a boat, fly, or drink alcohol. I use a Scopalamine patch for boat rides and flights. But I am terrified to try it with alcohol. If I have half a beer vertigo will hit instantly. My vertigo doesn’t occur sporadically with alcohol. It happens each and every single time I consume any alcohol.

  50. Marina — I’m very interested in your comment, because it sounds very similar to the issues I have. I’ve been unable to fly for several years, due to such a strong feeling of imbalance and being pulled downwards (it’s very, very uncomfortable). When you say that boat trips or flights trigger vertigo, is it acute, spinning vertigo, or is it more that strong feeling of imbalance?

    I’d also be interested to hear more about any potential benefits you get from using Scopolamine on flights or boat trips, as I would love to be able to fly again.

  51. Ann

    Hello all!

    I have just had a rotten day feeling woozy most of the day. Was at work and had to go home as I couldn’t concentrate with the awful brain fog – I knew that it would turn into a full blown spinning attack if I didn’t sleep it off. The trigger was running….. have any of you suffered from vertigo after exercise? This was not a one off which really annoys me as I love running and am training for a 10 mile race but if everytime I increase the miles I worry that I will get an attack. Does anyone have any advice? I know that this section is the alcohol section but wondered if anyone had the same problem.

    Cheers and look forward to hearing from you

  52. jd

    I have had vertigo for several years. Meclizine made me too tired and the results were marginal at best. I had a few major attacks where it was difficult to shave or shower or look down. I have been a VERY regular beer drinker for a LONG time. Now in my mid 40’s, I recently had an episode of gout, which caused me to stop drinking. My vertigo disappeared within a week. Now I can rollover in bed without diziness and can bend over or lay on the ground to fix something without diziness. So, yes, alcohol definitely caused my vertigo. Thanks to gout, my vertigo and alcoholism has come to a screaching end. I do miss my beer and red meat, was able to live with dizziness, but the gout was just too much.

  53. Jane

    I had a whole bunch of margaritas one evening and woke up with SEVERE vertigo. It took hours to subside and once it did, I vowed NO MORE ALCOHOL FOR ME… but since I’ve had a beer here and there…. the other day I went to my sister’s (where the first episode took place) and had just one margarita. now i am experiencing vertigo again, off and on. what the hell she puts in those things, i don’t know… but i may just have had my last!

  54. Sheridan

    So happy just like the rest of you to know I am not alone. I also suffered my first bout with vertigo just this weekend, consumed alcohol on Friday and Saturday night and on Sunday morning my world turned upside down literally…. With time on Sunday it got a little better but only a little, Monday I went to the doctor, and of course they didn’t find anything wrong in my blood work, so I the Dr, told me to get the motion sickness pills. Well those made me tired, however I could walk without feel like I was going walk into walls, however I still have a problem when bending over or sitting down, or turning my head to fast. I am a social drinker, and drink more on certain occasions, I hope this was a one time incident. But if anyone has any tips that have helped them cope that would be super helpful.

  55. Suzi

    Yes! last year I was drinking and going out quite a bit and one night I had quite a lot of vodka and awoke to the most awful room spinning ever couldnt get out of bed all day! This feeling lasted two weeks and Im still dizzy everyday. I did drink again a few months later and the same thing happened. Ive seen ENTS and had numerous tests and scans and I have damage to my inner ear it may have already been there I dont know.
    I havent drunk in a year but do want one Im 24 and feel 80 !

  56. Jules

    I have come to realise that alcohol does worsen vertigo. I have been suffering with vertigo on and off for the past two years, and it definately does get worse after drinking alcohol. The next day, I get chronic sinus pain, foggy head, pain behind my right ear and very unbalanced. I think it is caused by dehydration, as I sometimes get it also from coffee.It is really hard not to drink alcohol, especially in social situations, but the pain is just not worth it afterwards, especially when it can last anywhere up to a week!!

  57. amarjot singh

    It has happened to me on two occaisions
    once while having to drink at a party probably mixing my drinks with two distinctively popular brands of alcohol one was royal challenge and the other red knight vertigo set in and it wouldnt go after medication for about ten days it subsided.
    The second time it happened i had consumed a scotch probably it has something to do with the ingredients used in manufacture probably some heavier alcohols or some distillated which react in copper urns or something like that.
    It has happened to me again after consumption of scotch and i am begining to wonder wete\her the manufacturers will declare their method of production so that people are aware of what to and what not to be consumed.

  58. louisa-marie

    i am 36 and homemaker with 6 kids… i first had vertigo 2 years ago with no alcohol consumption it lasted for around 3 weeks and symptoms were mild.Last weekend i went out with a friend and after not drinking for a while,had a few too many vodkas and coke.The next morning i woke to a migrain like head pain(i suffer from them too) and sickening dizziness… This caused me to blackout and whack my head on the floor, i was out for about a minute with my eldest daughter trying to get me to acknowledge her.All week i have had dizziness to the point even when i am laid down still.My head has to be lower than heart level…migrain attacks and physical sickness.. ive taken so many pills that im begining to rattle..
    After all this…. i have decided to not drink alcohol again…as like migraines..there are triggers..if you suffer from vertigo..alcohol is one of them..if that makes sense to anyone???

  59. Pual

    I was a big social drinker up to age 45. I had ALWAYS suffered vertigo for the entire day after any night of heavy drinking but I just accepted that I would spend Saturdays in bed.

    A couple of years ago, I began to feel “spinny” after even a few drinks, so I quit completely until this week. I just had 2 beers and had to lay down because of the vertigo. I’m glad to get other people’s stories on this thread. I had been worrying that I might have suffered some king of liver damage but it seems now that it may have more to do with the fact that my mother suffers from Menniers and migraines, so I may have inherited it.

  60. B.A.

    OK, had vertigo for the first time about 10 days ago the day after I got a flu shot, so I thought it was the shot. It was so sudden and so scary – room was spinning from my bed – like the Exorcist – and I would sit up and calm down and then lie down and it would happen again – so only when lying down. Woke up and felt sick all day – like motion sickness – so drank alka seltzer and didn’t think much about it. Then the next day, same thing, early morning bam vertigo upon waking up – again, four or five bouts – so I went to the ER and all they did was prescribe valium – gave me no tests, which was weird. We all thought it was due to the flu shot. Had it for 2 more mornings – just in the mornings – and then poof, it went away for a few days but this morning it came back. I drink every day – social drinker – same amount every day – two drinks or so a night – but maybe it is the alcohol building up or dehydration, etc. so now I am drinking gatorade substitute and water all day and will abstain from drinking to see if it is alcohol/dehydration is related. Getting an appointment with a doctor takes weeks – seriously – and they never know anything. I can’t tell if the kind I have – only get when lying down – is the scary kind or the dehydration kind. We’ll see. Oh, btw, I see a lot of posts that say they will quit drinking and let us know how it goes – but then don’t see the follow up ‘how it goes’ posts later – can someone who has quit drinking let us know if it worked? Thanks! I will try to remember, too!

  61. Mark

    The first time i experienced vertigo was after a night of heavy drinking. Probobly 10 or so beers and several shots. That first bout of vertigo I remember as being the worst, and I’ve been suffering with it for about 8 years now. Inner ear problems run in my family, so I know that probobly has something to do with it, but drinking usually is the key factor in setting it off. I don’t intend to really give up alcohal, but I’ve noticed that it’s worse in the winter months, which sucks extra bad since there’s nothing better to warm you than a four finger glass of whiskey. It’s really unfortunate that meclizine is the only thing that doctors ever want to prescribe, becasue that stuff makes me feel stoned for about 3 days straight. I guess pharma companies are more interested in making old men’s dicks standing up than actually curing a disease like vertigo.

  62. Angela

    Yup…it’s true. I have been a vertigo mama for years and in my 40’s now it is worse. I am pretty sure that it’s triggered by alcohol now. I live with a bit of it on a daily basis but alcohol is a true trigger.The vertigo seems to not be as bothersome if I drink water …like 4-5 glasses before lunch. I have also found some relief with my chiropractor but staying away from alcohol seems to be the best answer…bummer as I enjoy a glass of wine and drinks with the girls!

  63. Leona

    I have had pretty constant severe vertigo for about 15 years after car accident and broke the drivers with my head. Went to dozens of docs,etc, had multiple tests, tried multiple treatments and still have pretty constant symptoms. I take meclazine, Valium and zoloft and the combination makes it so I can function to some degree. About 6 months after vertigo began, my friend, a nurse ,suggested we split a beer. And I felt some better almost immediately. Now, when I have a severe onset, I usually drink a half bottle oF beer and it helps. I guess this proves the alcohol vertigo question but mine seems to work backwards.I almost never over indulge.. Good luck to all!

  64. Anna

    I am a very light drinker (actually probably don’t even consume enough to be considered a drinker at all — less than 6 drinks per year). However, when I was younger, I drank as most average college students/young adults do. As the years went by (I’m now 48), my alcohol consumption gradually scaled back to about 1 or 2 glasses of wine per week with dinner.
    About 5 years ago, I noticed that even with that minor amount, I began experiencing migraine headaches that would last for a few days after having just one glass of wine. I now barely consume any alcohol at all because I can’t stand the migraines and I also need to be a fully functional single mother with a career.
    Over the last 3 months, I’ve noticed that the migraines seem to be lessening (I had only consumed a half glass of wine on 2 separate occasions), however I now experience vertigo starting the day after that lasting for about a week and a half, gradually easing over that time frame. The vertigo happens suddenly when I change positions like sitting up/lying down in bed, or tilt my head up (like reaching for something higher up in a cabinet). It is accompanied by a fuzzy sensation in my head, too. As long as I close my eyes for a brief moment while it passes, and make certain that I make gradual movements when sitting up or lying down, I am able to cope with it until it passes. It’s still scary though, as I am fearful of having a devastating accident or something.
    I’ve now completely quit any consumption of alcohol and so far, so good. Will be checking back here occasionally and it’s good to know that I am not the only person out there experiencing this. So far, everyone I’ve talked to cannot relate to it. I’ll definitely be talking to my doctor about it on my next visit.

  65. Kim

    44 yo female, After new years and trying a few drinks I am convinced Alcohol induces a severe vertigo attack for me. I have always gotten sea sick on boats since highschool even large cruise ships. I take Bonine for that. New years resolution: I have quit drinking. The bouts are so severe for 1 1/2 days. Doesnt matter if I have 1 drink or more. I cannot lay down flat in bed, or even turn my head. The last bout after new yrs I put the sea sickness bands on my wrists. Cost about 10.00 at any pharmacy. Within 1 hr my nausea/dizziness subsided and I was eating again! I left the bands on even a day after I felt better. I know they are not a cure, but they helped. I’ve concluded drinking isnt healty anyway. If I get vertigo without alcohol I will try the Epley Manuever. All these posts were very helful. Thank-you everyone.

  66. RUBI S.

    I have vertigo for over 8 years now. My last bout was last night but it was just minor. I noticed I just had half of the glass of Margarita and I started feeling dizzy. Readying all the comments posted here made me realized that alcohol is related to vertigo. This is the 2nd time that I only had a glass of wine and felt dizzy. I don’t think I’ll try drinking wine more than a glass after this. I hate having vertigo episode. Everytime I had one, I thought I would die. I would spend in the bathroom throwing up and can’t walk straight. I won’t even wish this sickness to my enemy. My doctor said there is no cure but there are preventions. I hope it just won’t happen when I’m driving. It’s really scary…

  67. Missy

    Interesting posts.. I did not even know what vertigo was. I was doing a search on what could be making me dizzy and my head feel like it was in a fog along with being so tired… I came across this site..
    I have been a drinker for years on and off 4-5 weeks here and there.. I usually drink vodka. Last summer I had a few rum and cokes and woke up with the room spinning for the first time and this feeling of fog and tiredness. I did not even put two and two together.. But it did scare me.. I did not drink for 5 weeks. Then when I did it was wine or vodka, and did not have any problems. The day before yesterday I had a rum and coke. The next day my room did not spin, but I just did not feel right, no hang over just in a fog and not right.. Last night I had several rum and cokes and today room spinning, in a fog, and tired.. no hangover.. Maybe it was the change of the drink or just drinking so many years in general has brought on this thing called vertigo.. Regardless of what it is.. I’m done.. Waking up dizzy is not for me.. and seeing the red of my alarm clock numbers spinning around the room in my bedroom and not being able to focus and make that stop… no thanks.. bye bye booze.

  68. Bridget

    I enjoyed reading all the posts, very selfishly, because I know I am not alone, other people have the same problem.

    I experienced vertigo for the first time last year in spring. I didn’t know what it was and I got all of a sudden panic attacks. I have never had a problem with anxiety or panic attacks, so it just freaked me out. The sensation of my eyes rolling when I turned sides in bed was very scary. One evening it got so bad that I ended up in the Emergency room. That’s when I heard the word “Vertigo” for the first time. I did see a ENT afterwards and had a few eply maneuvers done. After sleeping for 48 hours in a recliner I started to feel better. I had no problems for the last 6 months.

    Now it’s spring again and since two days I feel the pressure in my head, the spinning sensation (not as bad but I feel it). I feel unsteady when I walk and this time it’s not freaking me out. So no anxiety attacks, what’s good.

    I agree on the alcohol, but that’s not the only cause!. The weather change from winter to spring has a lot to do with my vertigo. Alcohol and caffeine ins’t helpful either. So I will do what I did last year. I will again write a food/drink journal and see what makes it worse. Caffeine free coffee, no alcohol, very little salt and no sugar and I am going to beat it……or the summer will!

  69. VZK

    Today is day 5 of my 1’st and hopefully last vertigo attack. I am “dizzy” but more so disoriented for the 5’th straigt day. It stareted light on the first day and was getting worse through day 5. I am in my late 20’s and I can hold my liquor just fine. I was drinking for moths, usually 3-4 drinks per night for a while. I liked it, it eased the strss and made me feel better about my life, but I realize that it had cought up with me. I wish I knew this before the onset of vertigo which landed me in the ER on day 2 sa I started to vomit all over my bathroom. OMG. I wish I knew. Generally I am healthy other than drinking and smoking. I exercise and eat right. I think dehydration is the problem. You can tell I am dizzy right now cause I cant spell right and the writing is sporadic.
    Here is my advice. Stop the drinking. I am keeping away from that stuff from now on. Not worth it. If you have virtigo, get some Cayene Pepper and Ginger powder, lemon and pamegranate joice from your local grocery store. Fill a glass with water, add a pinch of cayenne pepper, ginger powder, some fresh squized lemon and a slpash of juice. Mix it up, drink once every 3-4 hours. Get some blueberries and load up on antioxidants. Your body needs time, nutrition and antioxidants to clear the system plus some rest. I’ve been getting a bit better and hoping that it will go away as living with vertigo is torture. Did not know this think existed but I do know now. Good luck and stay off the vodka. No more for me.

  70. Bionca

    Good Day Ladies and Gents-
    Ok so this is my story. My 1st experience with vertigo was in July of 2010. I was on a diet and one day I woke up and I felt lightheaded, I figured it was because of my ridiculous diet so I began to eat. I felt horrible of course when the next morning came and the feeling of the room spinning had came on stronger, it was so severe I called in from work and sent myself to the ER. In frustration they told me everything was fine blood work came back normal and that maybe I just needed to sleep and eat….. blah blah blah, I went back to the ER about 4 more times, basically begged for a Cat Scan at the age of 21. Finally after doing research, I figured hey maybe its in my ears- and YEAH, that was the answer, my ENT told me I had a mild ear infection that was causing the dizziness and diagnonsed me with Acute Vertigo…. After about 2 weeks of taking meds I was fine……… UNTIL this week… ughhhh…. I drunk vodka over the weekend. actually saturday, sunday and monday. Throughout the day vertigo came and left so i thought it was probably a hangover…… but now that a week has passed and i’m still feeling vertigo I’m convinced that this time around alcohol played a big role. I am going to see my ENT shortly, if he can’t find an infection this time then i know its time to give up the booes>>>>> ughhhhhh i’m in grad school this is the last thing I need!!!!!!

  71. ANGELA

    Hi I am a 40 year old female, I have been drinking since I was 13 years old (not proud) for twenty odd years I never had a hangover, or much effects or so I thought. In recent years I have been hospitalised with jaundice caused by liver failure and told never to drink again-so I stopped for 3 months. Then I thought what do they know I can handle the odd drink so had a bottle of wine and of course this turned back into a regular event and then some! Anyway recently I have had severe vertigo not so much spinning but a weird feeling when I turned my head, thought I was having a stroke.
    went to the supermarket today after wine last night, my legs went stiff, then like jelly-I had to get a trolley just to lean on.
    My mum was with me and she noticed saying you have a problem with walking dont you? Then I had a full blown panic attack and needed to go home. It must be the drink-I MUST stop but it is hard as the drink calms down the panic-gonna try
    Good luck to everyone as it is very hard when all your friends seem to cope with a few beers I cant anymore

  72. Cole

    I just had a trip to vegas and drank heavily. I started to feel dizzy on the third day and started to tone down my drinking. on the fifth day i took one shot and almost immediatly felt dizzy. this is very odd because i can drink a lot. I didn’t drink anything for two days until i had a beer. Even halfway thru the beer i felt the effects. Im sad because i love to drink and wonder if i’ll ever be the same

  73. Jo

    Its great reading all of your comments above, I have also been suffering vertigo for 3 years and had several attacks some lasting only a few hours others several weeks. I am convinced it is linked with Alcohol however whenever I have suggested this to the numerous doctors I have seen they laugh! I too drink often and the attacks seem to be brought on after a heavy night. I was recently on other medication for a skin condition which meant I had to drink in moderation / not at all for 4 months & guess what no attack during this time!! Does anyone know of anything that can help the doctors ref to moving in certain ways, maybe standing on my head?? I will struggle to give up alcohol altogether as this has always been a big part of my life – guess its back to moderation for now!

  74. todd

    Malbec wines from Argentina, give me the worst vertigo for the next two days after drinking them other wines dont?? which stinks cause there my favorite :(

  75. Teddy

    I am extremely glad I ran across this website. As someone who has been dealing with vertigo for around 6 years, I feel I can offer some guidance to those of you that are in the early stages of the illness. Although I have only had 5 acute attacks of vertigo over the 6 year span, my daily life has dramatically changed in ways I never imagined. First, there’s the general decrease in overall coordination. It really makes you like have aged 25 years overnight. I am constantly having bouts of lightheadedness coupled with floating sensation as well. From the extensive research i have done, these two symptoms seem to happen as a pair. This result, of course, forces you to drastically change the way you do things ranging from exercise to the way you turn your head. Then comes along the anxiety/depression. You fell anxious all the time because you’re not sure if or when you will have another full-blown attack, and depressed because you’re not quite convinced that the illness will ever really go away. The good news is that it does get better. Slowly but surely you will each find your own way to both adapt and cope with what others refer to as the “invisible disease”. A support system is key in that they will be able to help you both physically and spiritually. You need to make a list of people to call in case of an emergency and give it to someone you trust so that if you become incapacitated, they can go down the list for you. It will also help to sit down with your family and friends and try to explain what you are going through in a way that they can comprehend. Only those that actually witness your attacks will have some idea of what it is like. But the more your support group knows, the more sympathy they can offer. There is comfort in knowing that if I am having a bad night I can call my parents no matter the hour for support. The denial is the last major hurdle to get over. Once you accept that you will need to make some major lifestyle changes for, at the very least, the next few years the better off you will be. You will first need to find the right combination of medicines that work for you. I personally use lexapro for the anxiety and depression. This of course also depends on how you feel about treatment in this case. For the nausea I take Promethazine. It will become your best friend in the beginning as during the recovery period after an attack. Treating the actual vertigo during an attack is a lot more tricky. I have found that Valium works great for the smaller episodes. The key is learning how to detect when a bigger attack is on the way. But don’t worry, everybody who deals with vertigo have a so-called sixth sense when an attack is coming on. You will eventually become so in tune with your body that you will know when something is wrong. It’s actually the only good side effect of having vertigo. You really learn to listen to your body. After you have figured out how to personally treat your symptoms it’s time for the real change. Yes, alcohol is one of the four distinct triggers of vertigo along with caffeine, sugar, and sodium. After originally being diagnosed, I quickly gave up alcohol and caffeine. Five years later and not a single attack. It is a big sacrifice (bigger to some) but necessary none the less. Sodium and sugar on the other hand are a bit trickier. Too much sodium can cause the fluid in your balance canals to swell and in turn causing vertigo. The problem is, it’s different for everyone so take it slow and see what daily amounts work for you. High amounts in sugar can cause a spike in your blood glucose levels which can also cause an attack. But again, you will have to learn what works for you. I suggest getting some blood work done so that you can gain some idea of where you stand in that regard. I also recommend taking a daily supplement called lipoflavonoid. It is an immune booster for the inner ear. So, once you have gotten your medications figured out and eliminated the triggers, it’s time to fix your overall diet. Believe it or not, eating healthy can go a long way to getting back to your old self. Now some people will feel better in a few weeks and some will deal with the side effects of vertigo for years. The important thing to remember is that it does get better. It didn’t happen overnight for me but it has happened. I suggest contacting a specialist who treats vertigo patients through changes in diet. It has made a huge impact with me, especially since I tried basically everything else. The best part of it is that I’m losing a lot of bad weight and along with regular exercise, I am slowly getting back to my old self. I have also known other people who have found vestibular physical therapy to be beneficial. Ask your doctor if you would be a candidate. Just remember, no matter what the cause is for your vertigo, we all have to deal with pretty much the same symptoms. If any of you would like to ask specific questions, please feel free to send me an email at

  76. BIONCA

    Okay Ladies and Gents,
    Its me Bionca again, and yes I have gotten confirmation that what I was feeling was indeed vertigo caused by alcohol. I went to my ENT and he told me that this time it wasn’t an ear infection… however he did put me on medication that was supposed to calm my nerves, it did help. Anyway SILLY BILLY ME afterb 10 days on being on meds and starting to feel better I went to hang out with friends, decided that a few drinks wouldn’t kill me and Lord and Behold….. I’m back to square one! Listen my friends, its evident that alcohol is no joke…. i’m def going to stay away from it. Its been almost 2 months and I’m still with this crap… Its frustrating and no one understands. However, Now I know to stay away from alcohol and caffine… they seem to both trigger this Vertigo. SMH…

  77. Art

    Hey guys, this is Art and am 21 years old. I been drinking biweekly for the past three years until last weekend, I had drinks friday-Sat-Sun night, and yes I got drunk all three days in a row, as of monday I woke feeling like crap, everything was spinning around me, i couldn’t even go to work. Later that night i tried hitting the gym (my weekly routine) but i just couldn’t work-out, I felt dizzy, light headed, and super shaky, I thought I was suffering from low blood pressure, my heart was pounding hard, i though i was going to have a heart attack. I love drinking, but its definitely time to give it up and find better ways to enjoy my weekends. As of today I been feeling a lot better, i did some light jogging, and I drank tons of water and sports drinks. I will now stay away from alcohol.

  78. BIONCA

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen.. Yes I am back with more information. I see that JO has commented on the wall and I wanted to tell him and everyone else that yes I have gotten the confirmation that alcohol does have some type of affect on vertigo. I’m not feeling severe vertigo anymore (Thank God) however, I wake up everyday with lightheadness and it stays with me all day long. Anyway, as promised I’ve stayed off of the alcohol. However, I have been to the neurologist and she told me that alcohol does affect the vestibular system, and that it can very well trigger off veritgo symptoms. Any how I have more test to go through, I just pray to God that he will allow me to feel normal again! Good luck to everyone else, remember to pray about your Vertigo! Take care and may the Good Lord Bless You All!

  79. vijay

    yes,now i am really convinced & my own experience says alcohol causes vertigo. i dont have even 0 percent doubt . if i take only one glass of beer vertigo is triggered if not next day ,the day after & it lasts almost one , now i am trying to quit alcohol ,but it is very difficult & requires a lot of will power.but i have to get rid of this feeling of room spinning & dizziness.

  80. Marianne

    I seem to be having just the opposite affect with alcohol and vertigo as all you. 13 months ago I came down with Ramsey Hunt syndrome. It is a virus in the 7th cranial nerve. It is the same virus that causes chicken pox and shingles. I had many symptoms for several months but have been left with the vertigo that is 24 hours a day 7 days a week for over 13 months now. I am NOT a drinker in fact I am the butt of family jokes about what a “light weight” I am when it comes to alcohol. Like 3 or 4 sips of wine or beer and my head would feel woozy before I got the Ramsey Hunt. Now the very few times I have taken any sips of alcohol in the last 13 months it seems to make my vertigo better. For a long time I thought it was just my imagination or it was coincidence. Then a couple weeks ago was talking to a friend who said her grandmother had vertigo bad and walked sideways down the hall of their house. In the evening she would have a couple glasses of sherry and then could walk straight as an arrow. So I “googled” to see what I could find out and if there was anyone else like me. But so far am only reading where the alcohol makes vertigo worse from this site.

  81. John

    Alcohol changes the specific gravity of the fluid in the inner ear. That’s why, if one drinks enough alcohol, one has vertigo. The brain can’t interpret the altered signals from the vestibular system. Alcohol is very well known to adversely affect the vestibular system. Some peoples’ systems are more sensitive to the chemical changes of alcohol, so not much alcohol is needed to have an adverse effect. Chronic alcohol abuse causes many changes throughout the body’s systems, including brain and liver. There are undoubtedly changes that occur to the vestibular system as well.

    With benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, when otoconia inadvertently fall into one of the semicircular canals, signals are disrupted, and one has vertigo. Again, the brain can’t interpret the altered signals. Treatment for this is quick, by seeing a practitioner (often a Physical Therapist) who can maneuver the otoconia stones out of the canal.

    In other cases of vertigo, not BPPV, but vestibular hypofunction, there are exercises and movements that can help the brain cope with the altered signals, and significantly decrease the symptoms of vertigo. Again, it’s advised that if you are in this situation, you see a practitioner experienced in vestibular rehabilitation.

    I hope that those of you who have posted at this site will seek appropriate intervention.

  82. Dsue

    I agree with the above comments as well. I’ve had 4 vertigo attacks in the past year. I started getting it over 3 years ago after the death of a family member. I was told it was stress which could also factor into it. However, more recently, I noticed that I would get it the next day after drinking and for me it seems to last about 7 days. Also, if I lay on my back after a night of drinking, that seems to make it worse. There’s studies out there about crystals that get lose in your ear canal. There are doctors that can help with that too. I do agree that alcohol plays a role in it and affects your balance.

  83. Brian

    Jim summed it up very well but you have to remember that the changes in fluid viscosity do not affect all of your balance organs equally. Your (3) semicircular canals are completely fluid filled while your 2 otoliths contain calcium carbonate crystals (rocks) and the sensory receptors are set up differently. So when drunk you have a hard time with rotational (fluid) movement but can perceive and orient yourself surprisingly well. Also none of the symptoms of the leaky neural integration that happens all over your body when you are drunk persists except the spinning sensation. You all have some type of vestibular fluid abnormality. Some are harmless and never progress and others should be monitored, especially before large barometric changes(scuba, high altitude flights, barfights). It can’t hurt finding out what kind of vestibular abnormality you have. Keeping in mind that some can be treated, some cured, some will become symptom free as your system compensates as Jim said, or some could be serious health risks (bacterial, fungal, tumors). Consult an ear nose and throat doctor if you are concerned, especially if it progresses after alcohol and caffeine are removed from the equation.

  84. Hello, I have been suffering from vertigo for a few years. Last year became the worst. I went to an ear nose and throat doctor who gave me mecylzzine and exercises. It didn’t work. I went to an allergist to said I had it from allergies and I got two shot weekly for 10 months w/o any relief. I ordered all kinds of creams and pills an to no avail no relief. I get it so bad sometimes I too feel like I am going to fall over. I didn’t realize that drinking could be a main factor. I drink some form of alcohol daily. I will most definatley stop this as the vertigo is making me miss out on life. I want to know how long the vertigo took to stop once the alcohol was removed from ones system? I sit here and type this feeling like I am sideways and want to feel normal again. I haven’t drank in two days though.

  85. Adam

    Thank you all so much for posting your experiences with alcohol and vertigo as before reading this I though I was the only one.

    I have been drinking pretty much daily for the past 8 years and never had any obvious repercussions except for maybe feeling slightly groggy in the morning.

    This was untill about a year ago when all of of sudden I started to feel really dizzy and detached during the day. The feeling comes and goes and never usual lasts more than an hour but was very concerning at first. I felt like I was going to black out but never actually did.

    Sometimes it will come on so fast it will feel like someone just kicked my legs out from under me but I never actually fall.

    After reading this I am going to quit drinking (which I have managed to do for a total of 48 hours so far, which is a record for me) and go see my GP about maybe getting some medicinal help for the vertigo symptoms and will post soon and let you all know the results.

    Thank you all for your guidance

  86. Angela

    I’ve been a heavy social drinker for 10 years (I live in Vegas, that should say it all). I recently decided to not drink anything during the week, and try moderation over the weekends. Last week was the first week. I definitely felt tired, cranky, and light-headed the first few days during the week, but by thursday I was feeling a little better. Friday night, I had 3 beers over several hours. The next morning I woke up in bed and had vertigo for a few minutes. This was very disturbing.
    Saturday night, we went to a party and I had 3 glasses of wine over 4 hours. Same thing on sunday morning, I woke up with vertigo.

    Overall, I’ve not been feeling right. I know the heavy drinking has changed my brain chemistry. I’ve been reading “Intelligent Alcohol Management” Articles 1 – 6. He says that quitting alcohol isn’t enough, you have to repair the brain. The doctor who wrote the articles recommends taking amino acids to help repair the brain. He lists the ones to take. I may try it if I don’t feel better.

  87. Amy

    I thought I was crazy because I think alcohol helps with my vertigo too!
    I have been suffering random bouts of vertigo for several years now, a few times a year. It started back in high school, before I was even drinking so I know alcohol doesn’t play a role in mine.
    For those who get dizzy after drinking (which I do as well, but I don’t classify it as vertigo) I think it is just a hangover and they are dehydrated.
    My vertigo lasts about a week and a half, slowly getting worse and worse over a few days then reaching a peak where then it gradually gets better and goes away.
    I have had vertigo for a week now and it reached its peak yesterday. I tell my friends that when I have vertigo, I feel drunk walking around and it is very hard to concentrate and read things. It’s just terrible. For people who have never had to deal with it, it’s hard for them to understand and I am very glad I found this website.
    Anyways, alcohol and vertigo.
    I went drinking last night and after 1 beer, my vertigo went away. It was awesome. I think that regular vertigo hits suddenly that the brain can’t comprehend it and it kinda freaks out. For me, when I drink alcohol when I have vertigo, I believe it knocks out (or shuts up) the part of the brain that is concerned with not making the world spin when I turn my head. Like when people drink alcohol and it makes them wobbly and can’t walk and stuff, the brain can’t adjust. But if you start out dizzy and then add something that makes you dizzy but in another way, it can cancel each other out and make the world straight.

    I’m glad I’m not alone in my vertigo sufferings!

  88. Zoee

    Hello everyone! I DO NOT drink alcohol AT ALL. I am now even more worried because I do not have a reason for the Vertigo.
    I’m so glad I found this site, though. I recently had the HORRIBLE and scarey room-spinning experience for the first time! That;s why I’m researching it.

    I woke in the middle of the night after going to bed quite late. I woke with a strange feeling…something just felt “off” and I was drenched in sweat.
    Prior to waking, I was tossing and turning and dreaming about being in the water with waves all around me and I was not about to control the waves. After going back to bed around 4 am, I still tossed and turned. I finally awoke with the alarm clock at 7:30 am. As soon as I lifted my head up, the room was going to the right…but I was still in bed!!! I starting to freak out. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I also felt like I was going to vomit, but I did not.

    The ENTIRE day this lasted! There was a strange tingling on the right side of my head, and also a pain and stiffness in my neck. If I layed down on the right side, the feeling worsened. The left side was easier.

    The entire day…

    I went to the doctors the following day and she did a bunch of tests for stroke, reflexes, etc. We still do not know exactly caused this dizziness! I do not drink at all, but when I used to many years ago I could not even have ONE sip or else I’d be the out of control drunkard in the place…so embarrssing! So I stopped drinking – it’s been about 6 years now. Drinking is not what caused my terrible freakish spinning nightmare!!! It was like I was on a carnival ride or I had spun around in circles for 10 minutes and then stopped. (Along with alcohol, I could never handle carnival rides, either). IS THERE A CURE??

    I am so scared that this could happen again. I cannot live like that again!

  89. Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore, MD, has some awesome doctors who are able to help most anyone through their vertigo issues. There are two main types of vertigo: peripheral (inner ear) and central nervous system.

    I have a suspicion that most of the people who posted here have what the doctors at JH describe as Migraine Associated Vertigo: your body reacting to various foods or outside stimuli (air pressure changes, etc.) that could potentially cause swelling of the blood vessels within the skull. When these blood vessels swell, they cause pressure on the nerves that carry the balance signal to the brain. This type of vertigo falls under the category of central nervous system.

    I had 1 beer Saturday night. My first beer in nearly 2 years. This morning, I woke to that gut wrenching spinning sensation. The doctors at JH had prescribed clonazepam to treat sudden onset dizziness. Today is the first time I have had to use the prescription since my visit with the doctors at JH over 2 years ago.

    The doctor’s recommendation was to eliminate foods that are know triggers for Migraine. Alcohol, unfortunately, is one of the big contributors, as is caffeine, processed meats, aged cheeses and wine, etc. I have gone through the elimination diet and have put nearly every food back into my diet accept for alcohol. On top of that, not all beers have the same effect. I did have 1 beer while on vacation this Summer. It was a Guinness Stout. No problem after that beer. Saturday night, I had a Bud Light. Budweiser has ALWAYS given me a wicked headache.

    I think the answer is no more alcohol, which should be no problem for me. And just to add more information about this type of vertigo . . . you don’t have to have a traditional headache to have a migraine. You can have a migraine without a headache. A migraine is simply the swelling of blood vessels within the skull. The location of the swelling, and its effect will vary from person to person. For vertigo sufferers, the vestibular nerve is the most common victim of the migraine. Pressure on the vestibular nerve sends erroneous signals to the brain regarding your current state of balance. The brain has difficulty determining balance from the mixed signals.

    Vertigo is more common than most people know. There is plenty of lost work days due to this disorder, and the frustration of not knowing the cause is enough to bring on worry and anxiety. Do yourselves a favor, talk to the experts at Johns Hopkins.

  90. dee

    I have had a strong connection with drinking alcohol (very small amounts) and vertigo since the first time I tried liquor, for this reason I have never gotten ‘drunk”. Up until this forum I thought I was the only one…everyone I met says “its all in my head”….glad to see I am not alone…although we all wish we did not have this problem..

  91. Patrick

    Hi, I have had two bouts of alcohol related vertigo but I don’t think its the alcohol alone. Yes the alcohol can trigger it but there must be an underlying medical cause for it like inner ear fluid? The two times I had it I had consumed a bottle of wine in under an hour before dinner. It’s not worth it is it?

  92. Steve

    Hello everyone. I am an alcoholic. So are most of you. Think not? Google “Am I an alcoholic” and take a few quizzes. is a quick check but there are more thorough quizzes.

    I speak from personal experience and from talking with other self admitted alcoholics. Alcohol causes dizziness and can cause vertigo. Alcohol disturbs your sleep and dehydrates you which contributes to the problem as well.

    Everyone’s body chemistry is different so not every one’s experience is the same. For some, even one small drink can trigger dizziness and vertigo that can last for weeks.

    I would bet that we have not heard from some of the posters on this list who have said they will stop drinking and report back if it has or has not has changed their experience of vertigo because … they have not been able to stop drinking. Perhaps you have not been able to stop drinking long enough to test it yourself. That is one definition of an alcoholic.

    The vertigo is your body warning you that you cannot tolerate as much alcohol as you are drinking – whatever your tolerance level is.

    I am a recovering alcoholic. I do fall off the wagon from time to time and when I do I suffer from vertigo. When I stop again it sometimes takes several weeks but the dizziness goes away. Unless you suffer from some other disease or disability (and you probably don’t) if you stop drinking you will get better.

    My wake up call and how I found out I was an alcoholic was dizziness leading to a hard fall from a ladder. For some of you, your dizziness or vertigo may be your wake up call.

    If you continue to drink to excess you will almost certainly get worse and new alcohol related problems will present themselves. Denial is your enemy.

    I hope we all get better. Bless you all and good luck.

  93. I had very strong vertigo for all most of the reason so guys mentions here and acupuncture was the only think that helped..
    Good luck to all…

  94. Daniel Monagle

    I have had vertigo, tinnitus and nausea for several years. Didn’t realize it while drinking heavily for many, many years. Always blamed the booze directly for all my falls. I am 66 now & stopped drinking entirely just a little more than 3 months ago. In the 3 months I have had pneumonia and
    have dropped a total of 30 lbs. without trying. My Viet Nam action was so long ago I have ruled it out, but I don’t know for sure. My symptoms are a staggering gait, feeling like I’m on the ocean in rough seas, loss of apetite from bad nausea. I just want to know if the symptons I have are permanent and if they are caused by my heavy, heavy drinking for so long. Any one know?

  95. kathy

    I have been dizzy for 14 months. Miserable and desparate. Have gone to Mayo, diagnosed as anxiety. So a few drinks are calming. Tomorrow is a new day, so plan on the suggestions, no alcohol and water water water

  96. Brian

    I was a big drinker from age of 19 to 30. I never had any adverse medical conditions until my 40’s. But, I had a major Vertigo/Anxiety attack or some type of attack about a year ago and have had several smaller ones sense. The major one was I felt very dizzy, almost blindingly dizzy, my heart started to beat faster, I was standing still in a grocery store, my extremities got numb, I felt like I was going to pass out..I went to the ER and they found nothing wrong with me.. I have had extensive testing by two MD’s to find out what is wrong. The bottom line is that alcohol, marijuana and caffeine are drugs that I had the week of, or night before any and all episodes. So its been well over a year since I touched I thought the symptoms would go away. I am still a heavy coffee drinker and light alcohol drinker…If you read this article, you will see how alcohol, messes with hormones and blood sugar and can make you feel like you have vertigo.

  97. Scott

    I wrote here back in 2010 while still a nightly, heavy beer drinker, this year I have made great progress with my vertigo by kicking the alcohol out of my life for good. :-) (3 months sober now, after two relapses and going strong.)

    In my case I was suffering alcohol withdraw daily, nearing the point of having seizures.. No fun at all! I have now been able to do things I thought were impossible; like sitting in a busy restaurant and having a meal without fear of a thousand irrational ideas popping into my head.. still fear\get anxious while driving, but that is getting much better. Bottom line, if you are drinking to the point of elevating your BAC beyond .08, (even just on the weekends) this can start happening to you. See a doc., eliminate alcohol from your system. There are great people on the forums at SoberRecovery that can help if you know you have a problem, and know you want to change.
    Have a Christmas & NewYears.

  98. kathy

    Today is my birthday. 30 days sober. No improvement yet in the dizziness, however now I can work on the anxiety with my Doctor and therapist. After 90 days, I think I will know if alcohol is a trigger. Alcohol was fairly easy for me to eliminate, I expect treating anxiety will be a life long process. Someday, I hope to get rid of this GD illness, God bless and everyone, have a great NEW Year. Kathy

  99. Steve

    Way to go Kathy. It can take longer than 30 days for the symptoms to go away and little to reignite them. Even if other problems contribute or are the main cause, alcohol will make it worse.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  100. kathy

    Thank you, will report back in another sober 30 days. Thanks be to God

  101. Carol

    Hi. I’ve had an undiagnosed problem with vertigo (visual vertigo) for 15 years and have never managed to get any answers, except working out for myself that visual stimuli can worsen it (is anyone else affected by the diagonal lines in every alternate post on this page?). Recently i was told by a doctor that alcohol can improve or worsen the symptoms at the time, and definately worsen them the day after. I think this is true for me although its hard to tell if its really the vertigo or the accompanying anxiety that is dampened by the alcohol at the time, because both are certainly worse the morning after. I have been drinking a bottle of wine every night for approx 10 years now but have gone cold turkey for the last 4 days and feel horrendous. I’m hoping that eventually the anxiety and symptoms will get better without alcohol. Merry xmas everyone, hope you all get better – life’s difficult enough without these extra problems.

  102. Scott

    I read your comment about the diagonal lines, from my new android phone and on that screen the lines are very visible and distracting, although on my PC monitor (24″ lcd) not so noticeable. Maybe you can adjust the settings on your display a bit to help with it. I sure can relate, I was getting to the point where I was so photosensitive just a flickering florescent bulb would really mess me up mentally. From everything I read, started to believe I was suffering from photosensitive epilepsy, but now it sure seems the alcohol was the major part of the problem. As with lots of health issues, a doctor cannot fully diagnose a patient until they have removed alcohol from the equation.
    Wish you the best.
    P.S. You might want to look at some of the text-to-speech programs on the web, I use NaturalReader, it helps the most with very long articles\threads like this one.

  103. Steve

    Hang in there Carol,

    A bottle of wine a night is alcoholic territory. And, when you stop, it takes time for your body to adjust. Your horrendous feelings could be attributable entirely to alcohol withdrawal. This is a habit you have reinforced over ten years and part of your mind will not give it up easily. You took up this level of alcohol consumption for a reason and you will have to face that reason and make peace with it as well deal with the physical craving.

    Four days is not nearly enough time for you to stabilize so be prepared for a longer fight than you may think at first. That’s one reason why AA people refer to themselves as recovering alcoholics. There is always temptation.

    When I drank a bottle of wine at night, seldom less, sometimes more it was years before I developed vertigo. At first it was a little dizziness when I looked up or changed positions quickly. A little at a time it took less and less to trigger it. Over about five or six years it got bad enough that if I looked up I was in danger of passing out. More than once I did. I mean – look up, whirl, bam flat on my back. I didn’t know at the time it was alcohol related because it isn’t quite predictable in terms of cause and effect. I’d been drinking heavily for many years before I began to experience vertigo.

    I went through all the same doctor’s visits and diagnoses that practically everyone on this list reports. Finally, doing my own research, I kept running across people who suffered from the same dizziness and vertigo – and I began to see a pattern. Many of them were also heavy drinkers. I began to wonder about the connection. I already knew, but refused to admit, that I was an alcoholic.

    I decided to cut back on my drinking to see if it would affect the vertigo. I know of no admitted alcoholics who can cut back. It’s either stop completely or continue. The cravings do not go away, at least not entirely. But, until I stopped completely the vertigo continued. It was a long confusing fight and that’s why I post on this forum. I had no one to tell me I could get rid of the dizziness entirely if I stopped drinking.

    But, let me tell you what you may expect. For many it is the most difficult thing they have ever attempted and many fail. The first weeks are hard and your vertigo may not go away or even lessen perceptibly. Withdrawal from alcohol is well documented and I don’t need to repeat it here. If you find it impossible to do, get help.

    My vertigo did finally go away completely but it took about four months. One day I turned over in bed and realized it didn’t make me dizzy. A few weeks later, all the dizzy spells stopped. I have heard from others that the experience is not unusual. But even now, half a glass of wine can bring it back with a vengeance. Or not. It’s not predictable. I admit, I test it now and again.

    But, there are other things that may help you stay motivated. In a shorter period of time you will probably notice you are sleeping better, you feel generally better over all. You may lose weight if you don’t substitute food for your alcohol craving.

    You will feel better about yourself almost every day. You will have more energy and your motivation will return. If you suffer from bouts of depression these may become less frequent and less severe. Your general outlook may improve.

    I could go on and on about this topic, but here we are dealing with vertigo. I can say without reservation that alcohol consumption was the source of my vertigo. When I completely stopped drinking, the vertigo went away completely and stays away as long as I stay away from alcohol.

    This isn’t an easy road, but it is well worth traveling and I hope with all my heart that you are successful.

  104. ALEE

    Hey, Im a 20 year old with three kids!! Im suffering with dizziness heavy headed feeling, nausea, blurry vision &my partner complains of me speaking like a spaz.. which to me I sound like im talking normally!! Its hard to focus & look around I haven’t been diagnosed with anything but I am sure I have vertigo!! I used to drink heavily every weekend it would be a full carton of rum or maybe even a half I sometimes feel intoxicated I need help I just want to feel normal again and looking after three children its not going to be easy!!

  105. Nicola

    I am 52. I had my first attack of vertigo October 2011 which lasted 3 days and yesterday again I had another bout. I went out for dinner on Saturday night and had one glass of an Australian Cab-Merlot, and I strongly believe that triggered a migraine attack which led to the vertigo, and as we all know now, a migraine doesn’t have to be accompanied by a headache. Strangely enough, a few years ago my brother and I had a few glasses of another Australian Cab-Merlot, Lindeman’s, and we both got up the next morning suffering with terrible migraine headaches. I am convinced that it’s the chemicals they are using in these wines that are causing the migraines. Bottom line, no more Australian wines for me from here on end.

  106. Jade

    Thank god for this website. I thought I was going crazy! I started drinking again this year since it’s I’m in college. However, i drank 3~4 times and got lightweight drunk~ drunk but nothing too extreme. I only had the feeling of throwing up once. However, today.. when my friends came over and mixed drinks for me. At first, i took a sip of gin and monster ( it wasn’t strong) and then after a while, i had about 5 tiny sips of rum and coke ( again it wasn’t that strong). I knew i wasn’t drunk because before i get drunk, i would get the “asian glow” and feel extremely hot. However, i was perfectly fine. However, after about 2 hours ( i still had my 5 tiny sips ), i felt a bit lightheaded .. and then about 2~3 minutes later, my friend’s head started moving a bit and i felt my head throbbing and spinning and it was like the WORST feeling in the world. I had the sensation that my head was very heavy and i couldn’t like sit up straight so i leaned to my right and like layed on the couch. However, that just made it worse cause it was kinda of like.. you’re on those tea-cup spinning rides and when you tilt your head backward or forward, it feels like you can’t even bring it back up/down.. and it feels SUPER HEAVY. So when i finally sat up straight, the spinning got really really bad so the point where i had to excuse myself and decided to get help to my room. Even as i was laying down, a single movement of my head made me feel like i was floating and my head was spinning even though i was closing my eyes. Should i get treated? I don’t want to ever experience that horrible fuckin feeling ever again

  107. Donna

    I quit in August of 2011. I had vertigo about 5 times in 2011 and it would last for 7 days. I wasn’t getting wasted every night but drank often. So I quit and haven’t had vertigo at all and it’s been 5 months. I think it plays into it. I’m thinking that over time, drinking catches up with you. It seems that some of the meds don’t really help, you just have to let it play out until it goes away. I would strongly recommend stopping drinking even though it may be hard. If anything, give yourself a few months to see what happens. That way you can narrow it down. Also, find a doctor that knows the Epley Manuever. That is supposed to help with vertigo. Go to youtube and look at the videos on it.

  108. Donna

    Hey Jade,

    Not sure if you know this but some Asians have allergies to alcohol. Plus, mixing booze is very bad. Also, alot of colored alcohol has alot of preservatives in it to include rum. Drink more pure alcohol if you’re going to drink and moderate. Don’t mix, you will hate yourself in the morning

  109. Donna

    Steve, Read your post. I’m totally with you. I was lucky enough to find someone to just tell me to quit. Everything you posted is totally true. It does take about 4 month also to stop overthinking booze. I do crave sugar alot but I really don’t crave the booze.
    You will encounter some unexpected things both good and bad if anyone decides to quit drinking. Managing people around me and getting them to accept that you’ve quit is a pain. However, you do have more energy, find yourself being more productive and clearer. I was losing things and locking myself out of the house when I was getting vertigo. That is much better now. Stopping is more of a mental thing. You just have to make up your mind and do it. I personally don’t go to AA because I don’t want to sit around and focus on drinking, I’d much rather focus on things I want in life and things I need to get done. However, that may be the best avenue for others. I say anyone with vertigo should try to give up the booze not cut back. The booze is often times the issue.

  110. Donna

    I’m going through everyone’s posts which I find very interesting. I went to a neurologist last year because of vertigo and he did say that it may be migraine induced as well but they don’t know for sure. I posted three comments above this topic.
    Here’s a few things to add that may support your post. Back in 2004, I quit eating meat. I went to a seminar and they had a challenge on not eating meat so I stopped for good. I was a migraine sufferer throughout my entire childhood and I know alot was around food and stress. Coincidentally, I stopped getting migraines when I quit eating meat. I didn’t really put it together until a few years later. I was getting them about 5 times a year as an adult but as a child, alot more. Later in life, I started getting vertigo and the first time it happened right after my dad passed away. I quit drinking in August 2011 and I haven’t had vertigo since. So, I do think stress, diet and alcohol all play a role. Foods that triggered it for me..Mayo, dairy, caffiene, certain hamburgers (when I ate meat), and anything greasy. I had a few stressful situations that I truly think caused it for me. All I can say is for anyone with this issue, your body is telling your something clearly. Try to eliminate booze which will inturn, help you eliminate stress to a point. The rest is up to you to eliminate and simplify your life and eat right. They’re are some great books out there about food that I found to be helpful. (China Study, Eat to live and Eat for Health). Also, a great book by Joan Borysenko, mending the mind minding the body was of help. I read that years ago. If you eat foods that clog your system which are most of what we americans eat, this could cause migraines and potentially vertigo. I know this from personal experience.

  111. mansi

    I was just reading the comments above and they are so similar to what I have been going through for past 4 days…It was a weekend and I thought to have wine …mixed with soda…had just one glass of wine with soda and slept peacefully without ant problems…the next day my head started feeling heavier , I thought it to be just a minor thing Nd neglected…by the evening I was playing with my daughter and suddenly as I put my head behind to see her the whole room went reeling…that’s when I realized I am back with it…I had experienced this symptoms 3 yrs back for a month but now after reading all your experiences I can relate to the glass of red wine that has caused it yo happen…had visited doctor and he said it could be because of high blood pressure and has put me on medication …but it does not help though….wonder when I will be back to normal….to all refrain from alcohol if it does not suit your body …..the hangover is deadly:)

  112. Chuck

    I quit drinking 2 years ago.. Several months afterwards I had dizzy spells.. Mostly when getting in and out of bed. They ceased after about a month.
    My girlfriend finally quit drinking 15 days ago and is getting the dizzy spells.

  113. Scott

    This is all very interesting. I’ve been drinking frequently for quite some time. Last Friday I went to a buddies. Before going there I had 1 booze coffee w/ whiskey and bailey’s > one dark beer and a sip of rum within a 2 hr period. When I got to my buddies, he started feeding me some kind of imported specialty beer from the US – even though I had brought my own regular beer. I recall having 3 different glasses of this specialty beer. Maybe each ½ pint. All different beers, all dark beers. There was a glass of port and two fingers of whiskey too. Basically an unusual toxic mix. After that, I really don’t remember and hope I didn’t drink anymore. I didn’t think I drank that much but was quite loaded. The alcohol consumed at my friends was consumed within a fairly short time frame – between 11:30pm and maybe 1am or 2am?. What I found out the next day was that the specialty beer he was giving me was 8% to 10% alcohol. I was not at all impressed with my friend because I don’t drink beer with that much alcohol and did not realize I was drinking that kind of high octane beer. The next day I was totally hung over and could barely drink any water let alone eat. I thought I’d be fine by the next day but day two I was still really hung over. Day 3, I was spinning while sitting at my computer and while out getting groceries. Day 4, I started getting nervous as I was still spinning at times while working on my computer. Day 5 was better but still not 100%. I really hope I fade back to normal tomorrow. All the while my face and head has felt like it’s been full of blood and about to burst at times. There was an emptiness in my brain. I have felt like I’ve been dulled. Like I’ve incurred some brain damage or something. I’ve never noticed any hangover this long lasting after before so I started doing some research which eventually brought me here. I suppose my time finally came due to excess. I’m saddened to read everyone’s stories, but in a strange way I’m please to find out that I’m not alone and that alcohol obviously caused this bout in my case. There is no doubt about it. I really quite enjoy alcohol. I drink frequently but don’t typically get loaded (a nice buzz), but as I do drink frequently I certainly do get loaded on occasion with friends. Obviously it’s time to take a break and cut back or stop entirely. I hope I don’t incur any long term effects due to this incident, or build up of excessive long term drinking. The bodies vitamin content gets severely depleted after consuming alcohol and I’ve read that the B1 vitamin is important to replenish after drinking. Best of luck to all of you.

  114. Dominique Robertson

    Hi! I too believes that alcohol compounds the problem but I had managed to be ok (even drinking a small amount of alcohol) until now but have been much worse since the weather got to 0 C temperatures.

  115. stevo

    hey guys i just stumbled across this page searching for some symptoms i have been having one doctor said i had syncope or dyhydration the next day he said maybe seizures one said vertigo and i have also came across some eye problems that can cause it anyways…. 8 years ago and 5 years ago i had this happen and nothing ever since then in august of 11 i had it happen 2 days in a row i leaned back to take a drink and almost fell over i was barely able to get my self to sit down and my buddy thought i was playing a joke or something he said i looked like the drunkest guy he had ever seen trying to baby step to sit down after about 5 minutes i was fine but really weak my vision was messy my body felt like it was fluttering and hearing was screwy the next day i was in line at the bank leaning over the counter the lady then started to count my money i stood up off the counter and it happened again i grabbed my moiney staggered out the door and ended up driving around town to get license plate for my truck then when i walked in to the office i walked down some marble stairs and it happened again about 10 minutes after the bank i some how walked out back to the car a block away then didnt have anymore episodes since then till october of 2011 i was working and bent down to look at the computer with my boss and it hit me again i was like omg i need to sit down he was like whatever lazy ass lol and a few minutes later he helped me to the break room while walking my legs were shaky everything was spinning or so it seemed then didnt have it happen again til just about a week ago i was bowling with my kids and i was getting irritated because they were running all over the bowling alley and not sitting down like i had asked them to i turned around bent down to get my ball and it happened again i managed to stumble to the counter to pay for our games signed my receipt and walked out the door to my truck i couldnt drive so my brother came and got us then this monday i was driving down the highway to go to work and it happened again while driving i was able to drive but when i got to work i was sooo weak and tired i couldnt get out of my truck most of the ones i have mentioned so far last about 5 minutes maybe 1 has lasted 10 then this tuesday i go back to work and i had about 15 of them but they were like 2-5 seconds longeverytime i bent over to pick something up then wednesday i was working had about 5 small second ones and then had one hit me hard i sat down my boss walked me to the break room and i tried to get up about 5 minutes later to get a drink and everytime i sat forward in the chair i got sooo dizzy like coming off a spinning carnival ride thursday friday and today i have only had a few a day for a few seconds my doctor swears up and down they are simple partial seizures but the medicine im on isnt helping now ill tell you my symptoms its like a jolt comes on out of no where i get sooo dizzy sometimes im like where am i and others i know exactly whats happening sometimes while its happening if i look around fast it gets worse or if i make myself blink and move my head the same thing happens but every time it has happened i have bent down forward or back to take a drink … i also out of no where get very anxious around people lately or scared to be alone and short of breath when it happens or is about to happen or even before it happens …. now i read about the alchohol part i go out QUITE A BIT with my friends and we drink pitcher after pitcher and sometimes ill wake up hung over (this was before the seizure medicine)but then i feel anxiety and stress and panicky thats usually when it happens when i move fast or bend over my doctor told me not to go have a vertigop test done cuz he thinks it is seizures i usually drink 6 nights out of the week but this last month maybe once or twice and the last 3 weeks i have only drank 3 times this last week i havent drank at all and all this has started happenming again worse than any other time before i am scared to drive to walk out side and sometimes even get off the couch or out of bed to just go to the bathroom….. i have read alot on vertigo and it seems to fit 100% of what i go through does anyone else have any ideas on this

    please and thank you


    p.s. this is a great poage very helpful

  116. Stevo

    Also I get short of breath start to see shadows real jittery right before it happens also I get heat rushed while its happening andseconds before

  117. DEREK

    I’m going to be completely honest here, i am 14 years old and i had a few drinks yesterday, the day goes by and no vertigo. That night at 2 a.m. i am laying in bed and i wake up dramatically to vomit over the edge of my bed. After that scene i look up and everything just starts going crazy, things turning, whole room just spinning out of control. I go to the kitchen to get some water. Everything seems to get better upon standing and drinking fluid. I return to my bed and lay down with my head strait up to the ceiling, but then i turn my head to the side and it is unbearable. I had to go through the night looking strait up. Could all of this be caused by the fact that alcohol dehydrates your body? Could this all be the result of major dehydration? I would love to get some answers, but all i know is, that will be my last drink for a very long time.

  118. Steve

    Well, Derek, I’ll bet you didn’t feel too good the next day either.

    The answer to your question about dehydration requires a little more information. How many drinks of what did you consume over how long a period of time? About what do you weigh?

    The symptoms you describe are probably the result of drinking too much. Simple as that. You need to know that alcohol is poison. Drink enough of it and you can die. I knew one person personally who did just that.

    Your body is telling you that you have poisoned yourself and it is doing its level best to purge that poison from your body. Dizziness and drunkenness go hand in hand. The dizziness com comes from confusing your brain by poisoning it. Drinking more water might have helped, but not so you would notice.

    You will probably recover and not experience the ongoing vertigo that many on this list do experience. But, establish a drinking habit and you could.

    You are very young and I hope that is the last drink you take in a long time. It easy to establish the habit of drinking to excess and difficult to stop once started. As a recovering alcoholic I can tell you there are many side effects that sort of sneak up on you that can flat ruin your life. Constant dizziness is just one of them and not the worst by far.

    I’m not a smoker. The reason I’m not is I tried a cigarette when I was about your age, didn’t like it, and never picked one up again. I wish the same had been true about that first drink. The best thing you can do for yourself is … leave it alone and it can’t become a problem.

  119. Steve

    Vertigo and legal drugs –

    I don’t know if this is the right thread to post this or not but I would like to add it to the conversation and it is related to alcohol and sleep.

    I believe that taking certain medications can induce the kind of symptoms we are all complaining about particularly if we drink or are short of sleep. The drugs that cause my symptoms are the hypnotics, a class of prescription medications that include Ambien and other sleeping pills and Valium. If you read the information on these drugs one of the listed side effects is dizziness. The information also advises you not to take the medication with alcohol.

    I’m a long time insomniac, diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and have bouts of sleeplessness that can last three days. I try to stay away from sleep drugs because of the side effects. They don’t really provide real, restful sleep, but sometimes it’s better than nothing.

    Alcohol may actually help me to fall asleep, but I usually wake up in two to three hours and cannot fall back asleep. The temptation is to take medication and sometimes I do.

    If I fall off the wagon and begin drinking again, it disturbs my sleep and I’m tempted to take medication to get through the night. If I do this three nights in a row, the vertigo returns. Even if I stop drinking and taking meds the vertigo can continue for weeks.

    So that’s my contribution. I haven’t done rigorous testing. I try not to drink at all, but sometimes I do. (That’s what happens with recovering alcoholics.) Drinking leads to disturbed sleep which leads to taking sleeping pills which leads to … vertigo. The combination probably makes things worse, I don’t know for sure.

    Anybody else have an experience like this that you can share? I’m just throwing it out there in case it might help someone sort this nasty experience out. Not drinking seems to be the key.

  120. Tessa

    I am also suffering from vertigo and this is my second bout in 3 years. I do also feel alcohol brings on my symptoms. This particular episode has lasted around a month and came on after a Burns night supper where I had a few drams (or more) of whisky. I thought the fact that the room was spinning and I could not walk the next day was a hangover but when it continued I realised it was something else. I have done a bit of research and have concluded that I have vertigo.

    Today I am lying in my bed feeling very anxious as my symptoms, which had begun to get better, have returned with a vengeance. Many people including my husband would say I have a Hang over which I may indeed have BUT I also have vertigo and I have had many in my life but not like this. Yes I did have an outrageously boost night that included the intake of a lot of champagne but I know I have vertigo and I now also know that my symptoms are made worse by alcohol.

    I am terrified that as a mum and full time worker I am going to suffer severe problems that might compromise my ability to function and that this will impact on my job and my personal life. Reading your stories has made me feel better since I know that I am not alone. Steve’s post (26 dec 2011) actually made me cry.

    I am of today absolutely going to give up alcohol. Forever. It will not be easy as I do love my tipple but I also do not want this vertigo to continue. I owe it to myself and my family to be the best that I can and that if there really us a connection between this awful condition and alcohol, then the alcohol must go. I am already feeling depressed about the possibility of this not ever going so I have to at least try.

    Thank you everyone for giving me hope

  121. C.S.

    I too wondered about this connection between alcohol and vertigo, but I put it out of my mind. Meeting up with my drinking buddies once a week or so is a fun part of my life I don’t want to give up.

    Still, when I had that bout of vertigo yesterday, it reminded me so much of the awful helpless feeling of having drunk too much and then you come home and try to lay down and the room is spinning.

    I do know that drinking, especially my favorite, vodka, has given me severe all-day–sometimes even two-day–migraines.

    Now I have to seriously wonder if alcohol might be a trigger and if I should cut it out of my life, but that would alter my whole lifestyle. A very hard choice to make–yet NEVER AGAIN would I want to experience the merry-go-round vertigo I awoke with yesterday!

  122. royce

    look up symptoms of Lymes Disease. Some sites will list difficulties with alcohol and vertigo.

  123. leisa

    The first time i ever had sensation of room spins was when i had bike accident and was being stitched up for head injury. After that i had occasional bouts of room spins for no apparent reason. Lately, the other week i was on antibiotic and had a bad attack of vertigo, but had been drinking some flavored rum in coke. Had drank some of this same kind of rum a few wks before this with no problems. Now today i did have some alcohol spread out during day, and am having some vertigo tonight. Incidentally, i am of menopause age and apparently in some women that can cause dizziness too. I have no real clue what is causing mine. I realize alcohol may be playing part in it, but not all the time.

  124. EH

    I gave drinking up for lent so I had not been drinking for a while. I drank a normal size bottle of wine (a cab) by myself the other night. Needless to say I spent a majority of the next day eating snacks or in bed. However today when I woke up, the room was spinning. I went to run errands and I was tripping all over the place and stepping out of my sandals and things like that… I think there is definitely a correlation between alcohol consumption and vertigo. I think by consuming so much alcohol, I sent my body into a kind of shock! I am curious to know exactly what parts of the body/brain are affected and making me dizzy. Because I’m not sure of that myself. Alcohol can be a bad thing for some people. Drinking can be really bad for your adrenal health!

  125. David Staple

    I have suffered with sudden and severe bouts of vertigo over the last few years and I have realised that there is a definite connection to alcohol consumption. I am/was a regular drinker, wine with meals, beers in the evenings etc.. The times where the vertigo started were sometimes after having a small glass of wine at lunchtime, a delayed effect, then suddenly a loss of balance, bed, unable to lift my head, vomiting and then sleep! The last time this happened a doctor was called and injected me with Acétylleucine, since I had a course of tablets of the same stuff, this drug is uniquely made for vertigo and it does help only now I realise that drinking is the cause, so that’s it! No more alcohol!!

  126. Wil

    Very interesting comments. I rarely drink during the week but sometimes drink heavily with friends on fishing trips one day a week. But, I have found that I become very dizzy, nervous and apprehensive for a week or two following these episodes. I really believe that the alcohol is responsible for this and plan to discontinue all alcohol consumption.

  127. Pablo

    Thank you so much to everybody who has shared their stories they have been extremely helpful. I’m 26 and have been drinking heavily for about 7 years. 6 beers a night during the week sometimes more and binging on the weekends. I would go to sleep wasted and wake up and drink more to “cure the hangover” and eventually get wasted again quite the vicious cycle! Come monday I would have to go back to work and I could barely stand I felt like I was going to fall over and would yawn profusely more than any normal tired person,I think it was my body asking for oxygen. One day I began throwing up vigorously at work and got a panic attack shaking, sweating, cold hands I thought I was going to have a seizure or a heart attack I drove myself to the ER. I quit drinking for a month and began feeling better but still would have dizzy spells I would feel sick at walmart under the fluorescent lights, at the movies, while driving, at crowded restaurants, and while exercising. And recently I began having morning sickness and I feel like throwing up while showering on some days I even have. I honestly thought I was dying until I stumbled upon u guys. I am now convinced (self-diagnosed) that I have VERTIGO. I got blood drawn 2 days ago and am waiting for the results. Due to so much drinking I also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But I feel a sense of relief to know I am not alone in this battle that we are fighting daily. I’ll keep you all posted/any feedback is greatly appreciated. God bless

  128. Jeannie

    I have had vertigo for about 5 years now. It was not until I visited a doctor who specialized in the ear, he was an Otologist & Neurotologist.
    My symtoms are a feeling like I am on a roller coaster. I become nauseated, which causes vomiting. These attacks can last for days. Weeks. My vertigo was found after I had an MRI and this special doctor looked at it and found a damaged part in my inner ear. The ear nose and throat specialist could not see this at all. Since this doctor also is a neuroologist he understands the connection of the ear balance and the brain. I take 3, 2mg valium a day. These has helped considerably. But like you all have experienced, I too have notice alcohol seems to make this attacks come on. I am going to talk to him about this next time I see him.

  129. Greg

    I’m convinced alcohol is the cause of my vertigo. For the past 4 years I’ve drank fairly heavily, and 2 years ago was my first bout of vertigo. I went to the doctor and he ran me through a gambit of tests – MRI, blood work, etc., and then I went to an ENT specialist and he couldn’t find anything wrong either, but said I was probably having a form of migraine that caused the dizziness. After that, the dizziness went away, aside from the occasional spell. Then just last week I was walking in a department store and the dizziness hit me so hard I nearly fell over. I’ve been dizzy for almost a week, and it got me thinking that alcohol is the cause. (because when I had these same symptoms before, doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. Drinking is the only constant) So I’m going to stop drinking and see what happens, and hope that the effects aren’t permanent. I do enjoy drinking but its definitely not worth being miserable all the time.

    I do want to add that I have extreme anxiety, and I had a very rough day at work when the symptoms hit last week. I think that’s why I drink – because it numbs my nerves. If I were to guess, both anxiety and alcohol play a role in my dizziness, because I know guys who drink a case of beer a day and don’t have dizziness. It’s probably a combination.

    The good thing is that I have a reason to quit drinking. I always hated that I drank, but I kept doing it anyway. I feel so terrible with dizziness that I don’t even want to think about drinking anymore.

    Good luck everyone! Stay Strong.

  130. Michelle

    I have been dealing with Vertigo for about 5 years now. I had a really bad episode 3 years ago that lasted for about a month. Then I had a relapse after drinking pretty heavily one night. I am TOTALLY convinced that alcohol is a trigger. And it can happen a couple days after drinking. A couple weeks ago I did a Hot Yoga class and it triggered my vertigo. I was really surprised because I had not drank the night before.. or had an episode in over 2 years. I am staying away from alcohol. It is so not worth it. Caffeine can also be a trigger so I am cutting back on that. It really sucks, feeling dizzy is really scary. It’s comforting to know you are all having similar things.
    Good Luck everyone !

  131. Hi everyone
    I have had vertigo for the past 8 years now. The first time it happened after 2 hours of tennis. I was rushed to emergency, but they could not find anything wrong with me. One weekend, I spent many hours in one day with my head down reading a book and that caused vertigo. When I have my allergy attacks and sneaze alot, it always triggers it.
    I do believe in many cases head movements has to do with my vertigo. In many cases after the attack, I hear my ear ringing with pressure.
    I have done catscan, mri and many other tests, but there really is not a cure for it.

    I have to be very careful when I move my head, no sharp movements or head down for too long at a time.

  132. dan

    I really think there is a link between alcohol and vertigo but i don’t know why it happens when you get a bit older. I used to be able to drink loads and feel perfectly ok the next day but now even if i only have a few then for a few days after i get what i’m assuming is vertigo. I haven’t had any room spinning but i can go to the shops and feel like i’m going to pass out – i never have but the fear is there. Driving also has become a nightmare and i find myself driving too slow as i worry that if i drive to the speed limit and get a dizzy spell the accident will be alot worse. I can’t pin it down to alcohol but i’m giving it up and will see if the dizzy spells will go as its making my life a bit miserable- you shouldn’t be panicking about having a dizzy spell at your local shop and falling over and making a total fool out of yourself. Wish me luck. Dan.

  133. David

    I drank three beer clmator juice, fries with salt/hamburger, pop. night before I drank rum. I started getting dizzy and fell down, ended up in hospital. Is drinking causing my dizzieness/vertigo?

  134. John

    I have had chronic vertigo for seven years. Have every rest in the book but ho specific diagnosis. The last advice I received from a doctor was not to fall down.
    It is only recently that I have had an adverse reaction to alcohol. A few minutes after even a small glass of wine, the vertigo increases in severity.

  135. marilyn matthew

    I’m so glad that I googled this, now I don’t feel so alone. I hate this whole Vertigo thing, I’ve been dizzy for days, and now I’m thinkin that alcohol does effect me with the whole Vertigo thing. I also am gonna have my blood pressure checked, just to make sure. Thanks everyone for all the good info. 😉

  136. piero

    Im 62 years and I drink wine all my life in moderation, since 5 months ago
    I stopped drink wine and all my vertigo and Dizzyness thing stopped.
    this was a hard decision but the best.
    thanks for every one for all good support and informations.

  137. Alyssa

    Wow. I have been suffering from vertigo on and off now for about 5 years. At first it only occurred every now and then and over the last couple of years I have noticed that it has been coming on more and more frequently after drinking. Even if I have a sip of alcohol I can feel it coming on and then it progresses into a full blown attack a couple of days later. It’s weird my attacks generally don’t appear fully blown until almost a week later. It’s ruining my life, I was having to take time off work all the time because I’d be so dizzy and felt like I was drunk. I felt so disoriented that I started having panic attacks because I felt so off balance. My doctor seems to think that I have an allergy to the mold in alcohol. This feeling is so bad I’d rather just not drink at all :(

  138. Lori

    Hi…I have had few episodes of vertigo. The first one was bad and it happened 1-2 months ago but I couldnt connect it with alcohol. It lasted for days and again I got it this Saturday night and after reading this it has made me think it is related to alcohol because I drank heavily Friday. Ignoring the vertigo yesterday I took a pill for this and drank heavily again. Today I woke up with vertigo again and I have pressure on my head and feel dizzy. I am glad I came across this…maybe it is time i really do quit drinking so I can be healthy and not have any major effects. I will pray I can really quit because it has been hard for me to do.

  139. Jennie

    I have had constant tinnitus for 11 years possibly from a virus or small break in a blood vessel in the ear. I have some symptoms of Meniere’s and constant tinnitus which I can easily live with as it is doesn’t change frequency so I forget it is there. Since the problem started 11 years ago I have had many days of feeling spaced out and lightheaded and though not painful it can be quite depressing as you are disconnected in some way and feel that your head is in a bubble – life seems surreal! A year ago I experienced by first episode of rotational vertigo while driving. I had just taken delivery of my new car and had waited 13 years for a new one, sadly I couldn’t drive it. The vertigo got worse over a few months, but I found I could stop it immediately by focusing on an object and moving my head from side to side while keeping my eyes totally transfixed on the same object. After a few months my husband and I had a chat about possibilities of what could have brought on the vertigo. I had been drinking more than usual 1-2 glasses of wine everyday, and also consume way too much chocolate on a daily basis. I gave up both for a few weeks and the vertigo stopped completely. My light-headedness is almost non-existent now. Alcohol and sugar definitely cause problems for my damaged vestibular system, they may not cause the problem in the first place, but I am very sensitive to both.

    I hope this helps!

  140. Emma

    WOW! I cannot express how glad I was to find this site!
    I have been drinking wine every single night for at least 7 years, maybe more. I had a “dizzy” episode a few yrs ago that just lasted a few seconds but was intense, and I was really concerned. It happened again months later. I never connected it with drinking as I was sober and at work at the time.
    Recently, I had a very bad episode of dizziness that lasted for days so I went to the hospital. I knew I had also picked up considerably on the amount of wine each nite in the last few weeks, like 8 glasses or more, and planned to quit drinking completely. I also added a few beers on some days. I recently quit smoking and was proud and wanted to quit the alcohol as well.
    I haven’t had or really wanted the alcohol in a few days, which is weird cause I realize I AM an alcoholic. I am still dizzy as heck tho and very concerned as it is hard to do daily activities. Hard to even shower and wash my hair.
    Thanks to all who posted on this site. I know I will never drink again and did get some useful info to help with the vertigo!

  141. Emma

    Also wanted to add, I will say huge prayers for all of you!

  142. Bruce

    I have had Vertigo problems now for several years. I have allergies and noticed that onset would be when my allergies were bad. I started taking steroid shots and they worked at first but then eventually stopped working. Then I had polyps removed from nasal cavities, my nose straightened and tubes put in my ears and started an exercise program. Not sure which one helped but something did and I was pretty good until this morning and it was back. Guess what I drank last night – some white wine! I rarely drink and so when I do it has a strong effect on my body which is normal for me, but last night I had vertigo during the night and a pretty bad case this morning. I was trying to analyze what I had done differently that might have caused it and I first thought I got water in my ears from swimming but then I remember the wine and thus went online to see if alcohol could be causing my vertigo. Wow, after reading everyone’s comments I am convinced that alcohol is what triggered my attack. I cannot believe that my doctors have not shared this with me.

    Thanks for all of the comments by everyone – very helpful to me!

  143. Joe

    Alcohol does trigger vertigo, it’s a fact. Maybe take Antabuse and wait for the vertigo symptoms to pass. Antabuse will force you to stop drinking. It might even save your life. Check Antabuse forums and see how many people it has saved.

  144. Bryan

    Alcohol brings out vertigo in me as well. It’s the only time I get it, but when it comes, it is nearly unbearable. For the most part it only happens while I am driving. It gets so bad that I cannot make it five miles without needing to pull over. I am on a trip to Baltimore from NH today, and I have made it as far as Hartford. It’s taken me four hours to make it 120 miles and I don’t think I can go any further. I will be getting a room tonight and try my luck tomorrow.

  145. Jen

    After my 3rd case of vertigo I’ve begun to think that it’s alcohol related. The first time I was 24 and on holiday with my friend. I drank lots and felt what I thought was hungover the next day. Ended up being very sick for the entire holiday. The 2nd time was 3 1/2 months ago, at 31 years old. Shared a couple of bottles of wine between 3 in a relatively short amount of time. I woke the next day with severe dizziness, room spinning violently. Doctor prescribed some tablets and a week later stopped taking them and was back to normal. Today I woke up, got up and almost fell over, crashing into the wall. I’ve been drinking more due to Christmas and had 3 glasses of wine last night. Luckily I still have tablets left from last time. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to alcohol.

  146. Beth

    I have had three vertigo attacks in my 34 years. One at 7 years old, 23 years old, and 31 years old. Growing up with smokers, I think the one at 7 was due to a change of smoke. Marlboro to camels, sounds weird but my nose is soooo sensitive. At 23, smoke and alcohol brought it on. Same at 31. Smoke from Bon fires or bars sends me over the edge. I do not smoke, however any kind of smoke gets the vertigo going. Dramamine has been. My best block when I feel it coming on.

  147. Wendy

    OMG!!! I can’t believe how many people there are out there with this vertigo thing. My background on this….when I was a kid, I used to get really bad ear aches, but dizziness did not come with that, just real bad pain in my ear. As I got a litle older, but was still a kid, the dizzy spells started. They called it an inner ear imbalance, and the medical term at the time was labrynthitus. Now they call it vertigo. The last incident I had was about 3 years ago, and I think it was self induced because my boyfriend’s parents and one of his siblings (with his gang) were coming to see our new house. There is no love lost between me and his family so I think that I whipped myself into a frenzy and caused the problem, as I am so often known to do. I say this because shortly after everyone left, I got out of bed and the dizziness was gone. Anyway, I had another attack in September of last year. It lasted a few days, but the weird thing was I was OK standing, but laying down brought it on; I would change my position and it would be OK on one side and not the other, then it reversed. It was really scary and I had been overdue for my yearly physical and “womens wellness exam” so I made all those appointments. My regular doctor said it was vertigo and recommended a neurologist, who turned out to really suck, and nothing got done due to his lack of cooperation with my insurance carrier. So I was OK and sort of forgot about it. We changed insurance this year. We went out on a Friday night (January 10th) and I had some sake and wine. I woke up Saturday morning with the such a severe and violent case of vertigo; nothing like I ever experienced as a child. I felt like I was in an airplane and the plane just lost altitude and dropped hundreds of feet. I felt like I was a spinning top; I was crashing into walls when I walked and going to the potty was a nightmare. I could only lay on my back and my right side without feeling dizzy. I had this for 5 and a half days straight. Couldn’t go to work, barely ate anything. Went to a new neurologist last Thursday morning which was the first day I could actually function without the vertigo attacking me. My boyfriend came with me and asked the doctor if this could be caused by alcohol and he said no. He referred me to an ear nose and throat specialist who I haven’t seen yet but will on Feburary 3rd. I had a brain MRI done this past Wednesday but haven’t heard from him with regard to the results. I have not had any alcohol since this occured and am not going to until I see the en&t doctor. I am better now but when I first get out of bed in the morning and when I first go to bed at night, I feel a little dizzy, but nothing like that Saturday. The dizziness goes away in about 5 minutes but it’s still there and it’s really scary. I get these waves of weirdness during the day sometimes, too. It’s so hard to explain to someone who has never had vertigo; they just don’t get it. I was reading some other sites that list foods that could cause it, and it seemed like everything I eat was on that list! As a matter of fact, almost every food there is was on the list. What the heck are we supposed to do!! I have been taking dramamine but I don’t know if it is doing anything. The neurologist suggested a particular drug but I can’t remember what it was called, and he also didn’t really like to prescribe it as he felt it doesn’t do much expect maybe give you stress, and then he would have to give me valium to counteract that. I don’t want to go there as I was hooked on valium when I was in my 20’s. He also told me there is some sort of procedure that the en&t doctor can do that will clear it up instantly. I am so looking forward to that! I will let you all know how it goes. Thanks for listening! :>)

  148. Alyssa

    Wow it’s so great reading all of these posts. I have been battling vertigo on and off for about 6 years. I started having an attack every couple of months. It’s progressively gotten worse over the years. Last year I had numerous attacks. The only thing I could correlate the attacks with was that I had just had alcohol. I stopped drinking from May to December last year and had no attacks. I had a couple of events over the christmas period and through to May and had only a few drinks. I had four attacks from jan to May. After having so many attacks in such a short amount of time I’ve decided to completely give up alcohol. My attacks lasted for a minimum of 72 hours. I haven’t had a drink since May and it’s now October and fingers crossed I haven’t had an attack since.

  149. Frances

    Like many of you have been experiencing virtigo for about 15 years. My first attack the doctors said was labrythitis then the second was a few years later and I was told it was postural. The last one recently just after Christmas was a mother virtigo attack. I had two glasses of red wine after a long shift on the Friday. The next day woke sweating and feeling nausea and that terrible spinning sensation. Lucky had some betahistine tablets which helped dramatically. Went to doctors on Monday and asked if it could be the wine. He said no it was because I had a virus and I also have problems with my ears. He said it causes weakness. Gave me exercises to do which helped but caused the dizziness but had to wait till it stopped. Good luck everyone. Have not drank sice and the dizziness so far not as bad.

  150. Lotus Lee

    I am a long time sufferer of vestibular vertigo and yes, alcohol and caffeine trigger the vertigo to come on. They deplete fluid from your body. Keeping hydrated with electrolytes help. When you have acute vertigo train yourself to focus your mind at one point, don’t think about the dizziness or how much the room is spinning, and mentally count from 1 to 10 slowly and keep repeating it, you will notice how the spinning slows down. I have to carry a bottle of Smart Water with me at all times. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine is the key…

  151. Roy

    Hi, have just looked up if drink plays a part, and wow I cound of write it myself, have had it twice now within 12 months first time I spent 3 days in hospital then the 2nd 4 days in bed,this is a horrible illness,and yes the night before my vertigo I was drinking heavy with the lads

  152. kelley graham

    I had quite a few beers the day before my attack n the next day I was stressed out with family matters n drank at least 4 beers n scratched my ear in a rattling position n fell asleep n someone knocked on my door n I jumped up n fell to the left n just got out the hospital after five days today.but they say it came from a bad sinus infection that spreaded to my ear.but all n all alchol was in my system.

  153. kelley graham

    Oh n another thing I don’t drank to have a buzz I go overboard :( n I been asking GOD to help me n if this is his way of giving me what I have been asking for for years he answered my prayers:) thanks everyone for your story it’s good to know your not alone.:)

  154. Dizzy Daisy

    I too have just come to the conclusion that Wine is the cause of my Vertigo episodes.. I do drink other alcohol, and don’t seem to have a problem as it does with wine. Looking back on three episodes of severe issues which I now think was the beginning of my Vertigo, it was that I had partaken in some wine drinking in the days and weeks proceeding the onset, didn’t matter White or Red, it happened with both.

    So I believe it has something to do with Sulfites or something in Wine. For what its worth, I’ve had just bouts of nausea with homemade Strawberry Jelly, and coffee creamers that don’t need to be refrigerated, but thought it was due to preservatives in that, but hmmmm, now I second think this and with anything made of grapes, pectin, or some sort of preservataive??? However I can dine on a Peanut Butter and Jelly with no problems with mass produced Jelly??? Who Knows, regretfully I will miss my wine…now not worth it!

  155. Dizzy Daisy

    Also one othern important note I had severe earaches and infections as a kid!

  156. Marko

    Hi, im having my 4th episode of vertigo. First one was in 2011, second 2013, third 2014 and now. They all last 24hrs long for 3weeks. Non-stop, doenst matter if im walking, sitting, lying down. Until now i thougt it was my ear or troubles with my neck/back. I drink alot, i go blackout drunk, but it never starts from one hangover. Since my last episode in January 2014 and now May 2015 i havent gotten wasted about 30times… I didnt think it was alcohol related, I guess im more tolerable to alcohol than everyone else on this site, but am sure the alcohol starts it, maybe in mix with the ear virus. The vertigo always starts 2days after a hangover, but not always… Im planning to take out all my wisdom teeth, to neutralize that as the trigger. Im not going to drink anymore… So if I get vertigo again in a year, its either my back/neck (IT job) or ear problems. Ill write again in a year. Hope we all never have this very bad problem again!!!

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