I had a cup of coffee today!

This may not seem like a momentous occasion to anyone else, but I’ve only had about 3 cups of regular-strength coffee in 3 years. Yes, that’s right, about 1 cup of coffee a year.

But today my friend made some coffee (which was really tasty by the way), and I thought I would try to just suck it up and drink some. And guess what? My brain didn’t explode.

I was always very worried about the caffeine inciting worse dizziness, but I think I really need to force myself to get back to normal in many ways. Drinking a coffee once in a while might actually not be such a bad thing. Next time you have a cup of coffee, appreciate it — it’s not so easy for everyone to drink! 😀

The annoying mysteries of (im)balance.

Today’s one of those strange days where I woke up really tired, and then as I went out and did some stuff during the day, I actually felt quite good. My usual ugly morning imbalance usually fades away during the day anyway, but today took a bit longer to go away.

I spent quite a bit of time outside today, mostly potting some plants that I bought. It was a nice day (around 20 degrees Celsius and sunny), so it was great to be able to spend the time outside (I did some walking too near the lake, which was also nice). I also had an iced coffee, which is unusual for me (I quit drinking coffee when I had my first episode of vertigo).

And then this evening the imbalance hit me. As soon as I had dinner (which as usual, is a low fat, low sodium dinner), then I really started to feel the tiredness and imbalance (the two usually go together for me).

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What’s wrong: the breakdown method.

I’ve been trying to sort out many of the issues I’ve had with balance and anxiety for several years now, as I mentioned in my first post here. Part of the major problem I’ve had though, is that I’ve found it tough to nail down exactly what is caused by what.

I would imagine that this is a phenomenon that is experienced by many people who have an ongoing illness — you start to confuse benign everyday things (like a headache from not sleeping enough, or a lightheaded feeling from being hungry) with more serious symptoms.

For me, being tired or hungry make my balance issues much worse. I have to always ensure to get enough sleep, not skip meals, take my vitamins and not overdo it with caffeine or alcohol (I’ve always loved having a coffee and having a beer, both of which I’ve had to limit severely).

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