Getting out: tough, but necessary.

I felt pretty good yesterday — barely any imbalance, and I went out and got lots of stuff done (including some shopping that I had been putting off for a really long time). I came home, put a bookshelf together, reorganized things at home, and generally felt pretty good.

Then I woke up this morning and felt like I was right back to where I was before when I had caught the cold I haven’t been able to get over. I felt stuffed up and had a headache, and felt extremely off balance.

However, the circus festival was here today, and I forced myself to go out and check out the festival. I went and took some really good pictures, and generally felt much better that I hadn’t decided to retreat back home where I could feel sick.

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What’s wrong: the breakdown method.

I’ve been trying to sort out many of the issues I’ve had with balance and anxiety for several years now, as I mentioned in my first post here. Part of the major problem I’ve had though, is that I’ve found it tough to nail down exactly what is caused by what.

I would imagine that this is a phenomenon that is experienced by many people who have an ongoing illness — you start to confuse benign everyday things (like a headache from not sleeping enough, or a lightheaded feeling from being hungry) with more serious symptoms.

For me, being tired or hungry make my balance issues much worse. I have to always ensure to get enough sleep, not skip meals, take my vitamins and not overdo it with caffeine or alcohol (I’ve always loved having a coffee and having a beer, both of which I’ve had to limit severely).

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